What’s your favorite rap song of all time?

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  1. I’m pretty sure that if Ramiel confessed his love to Shinji, the boy would start a relationship with a square.

  2. At least play Beethoven if you’re going to reference him in a meme lol

  3. Those shoes look amazing. You should post a closeup of your feet!

  4. Either way, the correct amount you should use is where the dipstick reads at the correct height. I'd drain some out to get that level. The reason you didn't get every oz out was because some is stuck in the oil pan, glazing all the parts etc. Don't put the whole 4.1 back in when you change oil just put maybe 3.75 and then look at the dip stick and add a little bit, measure and repeat giving maybe 30 seconds for it to settle. Then when your done, check again after it sits if you are worried about the fill. A little bit over or under is ok but 3/4 inch high is becoming too overfilled.

  5. Oh man… fantastic! I love the dirt on the sides of her soles. What kind of flip flops was she wearing?

  6. Your can see her flip flops in the previous posts I did on this page ore on my profile.. She wears always the same..

  7. Yes- it’s called a Prince’s Wand. I want one hella bad lol

  8. Max Bruch, Op. Posthumous String Quartet in C minor. The first movement is sooo haunting

  9. That’s different though. The balance of the FoST allows it to oversteer if you’re going fast enough and you lift the throttle in a turn

  10. Hi there! If your feet get dirty while wearing sandals, you should consider posting in

  11. If your feet get dirty from wearing sandals a lot, you should consider posting to

  12. Anyone who rides a bike barefooted is asking for trouble

  13. Looks like I need to give my Iranian neighbors a call

  14. I love the hat flying off as you cum lol. Definitely shot a home run

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