1. Idk I kind of like her energy. I can fix her

  2. Once that Intel plant hits, we may well see some actual international flights (Cancun and Toronto are just technically true)

  3. I doubt it. We have chase, Nationwide, Honda, Wendy’s, etc etc. Cardinal Health’s global hq is in Dublin. With all of these big companies with major offices here, I’m not sure an intel factory will have much of an impact on our international flight offerings

  4. Thinking it through, you're probably right. We already have solid connections to the major international hubs, I absolutely expect commercial flights to increase exponentially from the manufacturing though.

  5. As a male, is it appropriate for me to do the same?

  6. How do you think those Axis drag shows are staying in business?

  7. Apparently Kevin Kurgis doesn't browse this sub.

  8. I don't think there's a specific young golfers group. You can look on eventbrite (

  9. Maybe we should have annual mental health checks for bus drivers. Can you imagine that person driving a bus full of people around and going unhinged? That size of a vehicle and being responsible for that many people inside, it may avoid these situations and possibly more in the future. The sad part is the poster still believes they are right and we are wrong and they are now the victim who hates society, whose job it is to serve and drive around. Yikes. 😳

  10. Helen’s Asian Kitchen. I’m always posting about it here though. It’s just so good.

  11. I don't think so ... otherwise I'd be friends with the people who live there so I could use it.

  12. Not a good idea to let your dogs play with golf balls. Unless your dogs are tiny a golf ball could easily get stuck in their throat or swallowed causing them to choke and die.

  13. "0 results for golf clubs.Did you mean gold clubs, golf class or gold club ?"

  14. I lost 3 sleeves just in the rough alone... couldn't see them for shit. I kept the last sleeve out of the dozen for putting balls.

  15. Spreading just like your mom! OOOOOOOOohhhhhhhh!

  16. I miss Marion's so much... every once in a while I consider making a drive down for some pizza but I'm always afraid it won't be as good as I remember.

  17. My parents get the take and bake ones maybe once or twice a year and it's still pretty good, last time I went was like 3-4 years ago and in person was still the perfection I remembered.

  18. Man, maybe I'll need to make a trip down soon then. That edge to edge cheese (or spilling over the edge in the case of extra cheese) and all-over sausage is perfection.

  19. Super cheese with banana peppers, extra crispy…. I’ll push people out of the way for that bad boy.

  20. Sweet, another walkable space with no walkable entry access! Like Polaris needs MORE traffic lol.

  21. They didn't even track an "Ope" in there... FAKE NEWS.

  22. Same Dr Amy Acton that got us through the pandemic? I'll donate for sure.

  23. As mentioned, PXG has good prices but he'd (or another vet) would have to setup the profile for that price.

  24. Randy Quaid was absolutely hilarious in 2. The hockey hole where he straight jabs Unsolved Mysteries cracks me up to this day.

  25. I wonder if there's some sort of race happening.

  26. Yes, the electrical grid has been, and is being updated. The Intel plant was/is a huge project at AEP, and each new Google, Amazon, or Facebook datacenter is also a big project. Same with new housing subdivisions, giant apartment complexes, and the like.

  27. Ok so are those upgrades also improving the residential areas? I'm pretty close to the New Albany data centers and I still went out 3 times over a month.

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