Megathread (74): Coronavirus COVID-19 in Nederland

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  1. The big squeeze happened get over it. This is not a yearly event for the stock. There will be gamma squeezing off and on. Piss away your money on GME calls no one is stopping you.

  2. I think the main problem is it takes me a very long time before I can actually relax around people, and just be myself, I’m very socially awkward and find it hard to conjure up conversation with others, so people usually give up on me before they get to know me, which is probably my fault, but I don’t really know how to stop being awkward, it just takes me some time before people know the real me, I guess he decided he wanted to see the real me

  3. I think that it is the problem. It is hard to meet new people when you're socially awkward. But the good thing about it is that you can work on that. Learn to not give a fuck what everybody is thinking and just try to focus on having a good time. Try to talk without any useless filters. I can also be a bit socially awkward, but i always try to remember that other people don't care anyways. And without the carrying the conversation will light up. Thanks to that i meet occasionally new people. And also dutch the people who aren't worth the effort, yet I have a hard time doing that.

  4. Still don't get why it is so bad that someone gets rejected for their height. I'm quite short in my country, but I also only date women shorter than me, it is just personal preference.

  5. Damn dude! Yes, please share your experience after with pics so we can live vicariously through you.

  6. This is my first time painting since high school. In high school I hated it, but I rediscovered it.

  7. Toch wel tijd om een leeftijdsdiscriminatie beleid in te stellen. Stimuleert tenminste nog een beetje de economie en ondernemingen, plus creëert meer groepsimmuniteit onder de jongeren.

  8. It's like you're me mate. Also just out of a relation en just hopeless smoking. Everytime when I'm a week or two weeks smoke free I fall back, with no control. People don't see it as an addiction quite often, but weed just sets you off.

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