my slayer master krystillia costume!

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  1. janitor in high school. got my civic to save on gas & reliability

  2. Yeah, he says "Tell Cleobulus this: go into hiding..."

  3. She was for the streets before it even became a thing xx

  4. Mine is called Jasper. He learned to do this after we spent months get him to fetch rather than heard. He will play fetch with himself after being ignored for a good while thinking that is what is wanted of him.

  5. we are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams!!

  6. Always naff. Same as the keep calm and ……. Fad. Naff of the highest order

  7. I missed the fact that there was a 5th center turn lane; something I would not have done if I was actually driving the road myself.

  8. the game was over when you teamwiped them at 40 minutes. The lion needed to blink on the drow to hex him so you could kill the drow and then end the game. You should understand this gamestate and ping the shit out of the drow. Try communicating with your lion. If you don't think you can win the game, then you need to take mega creeps. Instead you just ran at the ancient and didn't get any value for the teamwipe.

  9. The questions you're asking are less about computer graphics and more about software design. Get comfortable with design patterns, and principles of good program design. A lot of it just comes with experience.

  10. AteistTürk discord sunucusuna gelerek sohbet edebilir, fikirlerinizi paylaşabilirsiniz.

  11. He's not a respectable peer in any circle, academic or not, where intellectual integrity is valued. He is mainly valued for his political appeal.

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