1. It hasn’t happened to me but someone posts about this same topic like once a week so you’re definitely not alone.

  2. I tried to find more in the search bar but I had trouble. Is there another term I may not know for this? Other than “withdrawal”?

  3. No there’s not a term for it. I found this one by searching “withdrawal while still” but it’s the only one that came up

  4. The research shows antidepressants are no more effective than a placebo for mild to moderate anxiety/depression so it’s better to try therapy and lifestyle changes first

  5. Prozac did nothing for me but cause emotional blunting and fatigue and sexual dysfunction. I now have PSSD from trying to quit. The withdrawal was so bad for 8 months I had to reinstate. It helps some people though.

  6. Either nothing will happen or you could get withdrawal symptoms.

  7. Driving in a car can cause death but no one’s scared of that. Everything has a certain level of risk. You just have to weigh the potential benefits and risks.

  8. 10mg is too low for most people to notice much difference. The 10mg is mainly used to help slowly get used to it or for tapering off. So you’ve essentially just been on the “minimum therapeutic dose” for 2 weeks. Sources vary but you see guidelines suggesting it’s anywhere from 2-6 weeks to notice a difference.

  9. You might be able find out what your Medicaid number is and the pharmacist can type that in without the card being present. I’ve done this before. Call the Medicaid office to find out your number.

  10. This has never happened to me. It sounds like important, insightful thoughts though. Maybe a blessing and not something to be scared of?

  11. Lexapro would be more likely to cause fatigue, emotional blunting and sexual dysfunction, but Trintellix could possibly do the same. As far as your symptoms you’ve listed, there’s no way to tell which between these 2 would work better. It’s trial and error.

  12. It’s not necessary to dose multiple times a day due to the length of the half-life.

  13. I quit Prozac after being on various SSRIs for 16 years. I tapered off 40mg for 2 months and I had debilitating withdrawal for 8 months before I had to reinstate because I couldn’t take the suffering any longer. You do not want to quit cold turkey. Get it prescribed in a liquid formula. It’s easier than opening capsules or splitting tablets.

  14. We don’t have liquid Prozac here. Last time I tapered off it to try another SSRI I went from 60 for a week to 40 for a week to 20 for a week to nothing. And since I’m on 20mg now if I follow that doctor’s instructions I would just go off it.

  15. Ok I’m just saying there’s a high likelihood you’ll experience withdrawal if you quit cold turkey after 8 years of SSRIs. It’s not the same as when you just switch to a different SSRI. Of course it’s your choice.

  16. It’s not how you’re supposed to feel. It’s emotional blunting side effect. Sometimes it goes away after adjusting and sometimes it doesn’t.

  17. Benzodiazepines such as diazepam and Xanax can cause cognitive problems and dementia over time so not a good idea for wanting to remain sharp.

  18. I was exhausted and slept all the time on Prozac. It varies by person.

  19. It could be withdrawal or a side effect. The way you’re feeling is normal for both. There is a good chance it will subside once you adjust.

  20. Length and severity of withdrawal varies widely by person. It could be a couple weeks to several months or years. The slower the taper, the less withdrawal symptoms there should be.

  21. Yes it is possible and normal to get side effects right away. Sometimes they go away after the adjustment period and sometimes they don’t.

  22. If you get prescribed 5mg pills you can cut it into quarters which is close to 1mg.

  23. That's indeed pretty good! Are the 5mg pills cuttable in any consistent way?

  24. No, it wouldn’t be exact. But if you don’t want to do any of the other more tedious methods it’s better than just stopping from a much higher dose.

  25. Do you feel even worse than before you started? Or do you feel the same? That’s a good indicator of withdrawal vs relapse.

  26. See, I never really had depression before I started that I noticed, nothing like this. When I was on Lexapro it was horrible. Stuck in bed feeling hopeless, now that I’m tapered off it’s nowhere near as bad as it was but still occurring. Not sure what to really think of it. I am only 45 days off and was on it for about 10 weeks. I know withdraw can be a little lengthy

  27. Ok, so since you still feel worse and different symptoms than before you started then I believe it’s most likely withdrawal. Normally it wouldn’t last this long for such a short duration of use but it can in some cases. It’s hopeful that even though you still don’t feel back to normal, it’s better than when you were still taking it. Things are improving.

  28. Yes Prozac stays in your system for a while which prolongs the onset of withdrawal. It’s possible that at 3 weeks, the drug is just now getting low enough to a level where your body feels the symptoms. The half-life is 4-6 days meaning it will take 20-30 days to completely leave your system.

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