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  1. What's that white one called? 🤔 I'm interested.

  2. Somebody forgot to open the lid before they started dumpin ass

  3. Your comment has been removed because it contained a word that the admins do not allow on reddit. The word was Troon. If you intend to use this word in a purely demonstrative manner, please use the first letter of the word followed by '-word' or '-slur'. Thank you for helping us keep reddit safe.

  4. Terrific way to train your puppy to be an asshole about his food

  5. Ngl I wasn’t think high stoned when I read this and I was very concerned

  6. Also "give webcam the finger for the duration"

  7. "Poop dont stank" just means if hes in the room it smells like shit whether he poops or not.

  8. And people still look at me sideways for putting a SINGLE DROP, no more no less just a drop, barely even a spec of soy sauce in my soft serve at Chinese buffets. Doing that is 1000x less worse than whatever McDonald's did here.

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