1. In my post history there’s an image :) I wish I didn’t leave the artwork in the image… it got unwanted attention 🤦🏻‍♀️

  2. I have literally set a calendar reminder for their annual filings and proxy filings that must be made with the FEC. They’ll have to talk about the money they’ve lost and I will enjoy it. They stole something from me, both literally and figuratively. I think the annual filing comes out end of February and the proxy in April.

  3. I saw that you mentioned Ben Shapiro. In case some of you don't know, Ben Shapiro is a grifter and a hack. If you find anything he's said compelling, you should keep in mind he also says things like this:

  4. Do you think these cops were all momentarily possessed when they decided to beat Tyre to death? Do you think this is the first time they've ever hurt an innocent person? That they just slipped up this one time and made a little mistake? Use your damn brain.

  5. This though! Hopefully the case against them will give some insight on how the hell they got to this point. You have to wonder what else and how much they got away with where they felt they could just brutalize and ultimately murder someone. I’m glad they’re been fired and arrested but Tyre is already dead.

  6. BG casting for this show is done through Central Casting in NYC, not posted publicly. You can go into their office (make an appointment on their website first) where you fill out new hire paperwork and take your photos, and once you are registered they will text you when there is a role that fits your type.

  7. Dina does it in the season 1 bloopers. It's at the 2:50 mark in this vid:

  8. I can't think of this one at all. The only impression of Bo I can remember is from "High Volume Store", season 3. Where Cheyenne does an impression of him when they're talking about surrogacy with Glenn.🤔

  9. I was watching blooper reels on YouTube so it’s entirely possible it was apart of that

  10. Cringe? No. Excessive? Maybe. As I get older I prefer a calm, clutter-free, and understated look in my home. But that’s me. If you walk into your kitchen, see your fridge, and feel joy then by all means, keep everything up! There’s nothing wrong with putting your interests up on display but as a compromise maybe curate a bit. Take down repetitive magnets. Like maybe you should only have one or two Pikachu magnets and not seven.

  11. No, he's the same size throughout the film. It's set over just a few days.

  12. They show photos of him and his partner and he’s carrying way less weight.

  13. Newb question but how do you extend a lease? My wife lease is almost over and she wants to extend it for a year or two

  14. I'm not 100% sure but I think you just call the financier of your lease and tell them you want to extend. My brother extended the lease on his Mazda last year and he said it was literally as simple as that. I can't speak for all companies though.

  15. Buyout is the residual of the car AND any remaining payments. You must pay this amount if you want to get the title and sell it for 18k.

  16. Do I really have to have the $11k from the jump? If it makes any difference to the situation, ideally this purchase/sale would be between me and the dealership I got the car from. It seems silly for me to hand them money only for them to hand me money back.

  17. people think that Albie, the naive, sweet summer child, is a horrible person?

  18. People have said he’s the most vile male character on the show 🙄

  19. I'm working on a theory that the movie is a metaphor for the 7 deadly sins. Tyler is gluttony, the banking bros are greed, Chef's mom is sloth, the cheating husband is lust, the kitchen crew is envy, pride is the Chef or the actor. Not sure on wrath.

  20. uh, no. Even a well constructed plan is impossible to execute when dealing with the endless possibilities of human behavior. To think all of that was exactly as Chef drew up is asinine.

  21. There was also no guarantee of that plan working for Margot. She shot her shot and it happened to earn her a way out.

  22. I don’t understand all the criticisms of him, he seems like a good person, and I’m sure he’d be a good boyfriend.

  23. Same. He crosses me as a well-meaning guy trying to do what’s right (which is not always obvious, even to the best of us.) But Albie’s young and still has to learn some realities about the world. He seems like that type that would be open to conversation and could handle his beliefs being challenged, as a friend or as a partner.

  24. Daphne isn’t happy. Daphne copes. She tells us that several times.

  25. I love this! I could totally see it as a book cover.

  26. I heard it too. Could someone have set off a M80? Every holiday has become a holiday for fireworks. Maybe someone is getting a head start.

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