1. I disagree. Balance isn't key. You should definitely work more for the hereafter compared to the dunya. In fact you should work very much disproportionately for the akhirah compared to the dunya.

  2. I would return them and buy Seiko or Citizen if you’re just starting out in the watch world. There are plenty of options out there, but Stauer isn’t a good choice. Poorly made with a lot of marketing wank. Edit: Might look at some Bulova or Tissot - these brands might be more akin to the styles you’re looking for.

  3. You betcha 😂 Altho I had slightly gotten hope reading good experiences of others

  4. I have three Stauer watches and all are good. If someone wants to own only six watches, then buy nicer ones. I like owning more and don’t have the means for lots of expensive ones.

  5. Totally get you. I'm the guy who wants to have 6-7 watches at MOST. And they dont need to be expensive. More like something very popular and/or unique and at a price I can afford of course. For my next purchase the chinese Tourbillon (Sugess or Aesop) which is relatively cheap for a lot of watch enthusiasts here (~300$) but I'll have to save up for months before I can buy it.

  6. Yep, it’s all what you can afford too. A lot of Chinese watch brands are pretty decent, too.

  7. Ok phewww just tried again and the order went through! It wasn't giving me an option to add my payment method before at the billing address page. So weird!

  8. Honestly quality + chrono + sub $100 price point… not sure it adds up

  9. The friggin Timex website wont Cooperate tho lol. Could you check out my post on this sub?

  10. I'll do a little digging when I get home to see if I can find something similar in your price range. With your wrist size, you're going to want to stick with something around 40 mm or under. :)

  11. Good i don't see a problem here except maybe should've sent to the wife but daughter is good too. She should know what a piece of shit dad she has

  12. He was not the father but the step-father or uncle of Ibrahim a.s. He is often referred to as the father though because he married Ibrahim's mother after his real father, a believer, died.

  13. I would request refund immediately cuz ik it'll show up later hehe

  14. There are PlayStation 5 God of war Bundles on PlayStation Direct right now... Free express shipping for PlayStation Plus Members Digital and Disc.... Go get em while they last I got mine

  15. Is there anywhere that has stock in Canada? PS direcr doesnt ship to canada unfortunately (my friend lives in Canada he needs it jbtw)

  16. Unfortunately I don't know because I live in the states... Sorry I wish I could help there bud.

  17. Yeah man i live in the states too aaahh wish a canadian would pop up outta nowhere and answer my question lol

  18. I got the PS5 mw2 bundle too few weeks back. First console since the Wii lol. Before the Wii i had PS1,PS2,PSP and Gameboy Advance SP(My favorite tbh too many good times and memories with it haha).

  19. Go read the about us section of this website that you have given, may Allah guide you. It clearly states they dont have any scholar on their team and its just a "group of muslims" on the team who "try their best to answer questions" SubhanAllah! Is that a website to be relied upon? And did you try n find an answer that agreed with your opinion or did you try and search for the truth? The most authentic website on the internet right now is islamqa.info It's run by actual students of knowledge who answer everything according to already established fatawa of scholars of the past. If they dont find an answer there then contemporary scholars and then as a final resort they ask a scholar alive today. Alhamdulillah. The website is also moderated/managed by Shayk salih munajjid. Hes a renowned ahle hadith shayk. Here you go and read this proper fatwa. Establishing proof from ahadith and Quran and scholarly opinions instead of laymen opinions. In sha Allah you'll find it beneficial. May Allah bring you and me to guidance

  20. I understand your doubt brother(or sister idk my bad). A lot of haram is normalised nowadays. We mustn't think that if others r also doing it then it must be okay. We should side with the truth as sincere Muslims,no? Even if it goes against our passions or hobbies. As for the question asked yes it asked if we can draw and erase and the answer is that EVEN then its not permissible. Do you get it? Its like asking can i drink alcohol but i wont swallow and spit out or can I chew pork but not swallow it I will spit it out? Ofcourse it will still be haram. So that is what the answer tells to the questioner that how big of a sin it is to make drawings of faces as prophet ﷺ said these people will be most severely punished. So why even come near this sin. This hadith of the prophet ﷺ will make it clear how difficult it will be during the end of times to stick to one's religion and we are definitely in the end of times as most major signs of qiyamah have been observed. The hadith: Anas ibn Malik reported: The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “A time of patience will come to people in which adhering to one’s religion is like grasping a hot coal.”

  21. If you have a display that supports proper VRR, running the game In Performance RT mode will go above 60FPS, but don’t expect a full 120. On my display (LG C1) it usually hovers around 70-90FPS.

  22. Does the GOTY edition have performance RT mode? Cuz I don't see it in game settings

  23. Remastered version is what you need. $20 from Miles main menu

  24. If i get the remastered, will my saves transfer over from the GOTY edition? Any idea?

  25. I just got the Complete Edition recently for $9.99, check the PS Store during the black friday sales.

  26. Is the complete edition> GOTY edition? Also, is the game on any of the ps+ tiers?

  27. So you got scammed? So you want to rip off someone else. The hell is wrong with you ?

  28. I don't believe I'm ripping off anyone :/ I'm sorry you see it that way. I've seen people wanting to get a ps5 and ready to pay absurd amounts for it. Im sure there are people who would gladly pay 70$ extra to get hold of a ps5. Im just seeing it as a win win situation and not trying to be a scalper. And as someone else pointed out, Ragnarok bundles are still in stock at PS Direct and that's really awesome and I hope more people get to know this and buy directly from Sony. I will delete my post in a few minutes. Glad Sony have seemingly sorted out their stock issues (finally)

  29. Why would anyone pay you a premium when you can buy either the ragnarok or COD bundle direct from Sony right now for retail?

  30. I just checked PS Direct. Wow I'm honestly surprised. I guess this post is redundant then. It's awesome how they seem to have sorted out their stock issues. Cheers to Sony!

  31. I'm hoping some place has cheap PS+ 12 month deals. I remember several years ago I was able to get them for under $30 from cdkeys.

  32. Yo I've started a side hustle recently. I sell turkish PSN accounts with ps+ activated on them. Premium 1 year will be 50$ and Extra 1year would be 40$. Hmu if yall interested

  33. My favorite video game of all time would have to be Batman Arkham Knight. I know, weird choice haha but its just that I have so many core memories with that game. First game I had preordered on PC even though I had a potato PC back then and I had spent all my savings on getting it and buying a controller to play the game on my laptop. Good times! Btw the game still kicks ass 7 years later! Also just got scammed out of my MW2 digital key couple days ago on reddit, bagging this giveaway would make my whole year fr 🙌🏽🙌🏽 Best of luck to everyone!

  34. Can you do $50? It's already cheaper through Target with the B2G1 deal going on.

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