1. I don’t believe the fighters have them. Larger aircraft like C17s, C130s, C5s, etc have them.

  2. Fighters don't have the wires externally, but they still have HF capabilities. Antenna is just imbedded in the body to minimize radar cross section (how detectable they are) and drag.

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  8. Surprisingly not all that much. It's an SDB (Small Diameter Bomb), which is as its name suggests a pretty small munition and is equipped with guidance and gliding capabilities, which Boeing reckons they could strap to a rocket booster and launch out of MLRS units like the M270 and HIMARS.

  9. The bomb is 250lb. The rocket is 415lb. The bomb is strapped to the top of the rocket.

  10. Is there a dollar threshold that US defense companies need to get approval from the administration for or is it based on the equipment being sold?

  11. In his Farewell Address on January 17, 1961, President Dwight D. Eisenhower expressed his concerns regarding the unprecedented scale of military and industrial influence over society:

  12. Eisenhower was also a fucking imbecile when you take his beliefs into context. Ike believed the US only needed the CIA to overthrow governments and nuclear weapons to threaten nuclear Holocaust. That every tank/warship/etc was literally useless if the US had those 2 things.

  13. F-35B off a QE carries as much in munitions with as much range as a CATOBAR F/A-18E or Rafale. It's a real carrier.

  14. Except they haven't, F-35B still outrange Rafale Ms and F/A-18Es, it's only outranged by F-35Cs.

  15. They're not DU, and they self detonate after a certain time passes as to minimize any collateral damage

  16. This isn't a ship-based Phalanx, it's a shore-based C-RAM... they fire completely different projectiles...

  17. If you fly, Netflix is a good one. Since it's the Android app, you can download for offline streaming unlike on a Windows PC

  18. Correction: a perfectly configured windows can easily be more secure than a poorly configured Linux

  19. Completely untrue from an actual security standpoint vs a meme based off ignorance standpoint.

  20. Wait so you are actually claiming windows is MORE secure?

  21. If only you could competently read what I wrote, instead of shoving words in my mouth I clearly never said in order to justify your grotesque ignorance.

  22. I still think the Penguins make a charge to the playoffs. The Capitals, not so much.

  23. Penguins are in a playoff spot right now, and are playing better hockey now than Carolina is...

  24. Tomahawks can be fired from land based launcher and submarines as well.

  25. Sub launched TLAM production doesn't exist anymore, and Japan doesn't have VLS on their subs

  26. You don’t need VLS to launch Tomahawks from subs. The Royal Navy launches them from torpedo tubes on their SSNs, for instance.

  27. I'm not saying you need VLS to launch them. I'm saying Raytheon shut down the torpedo launched TLAM production line years ago...

  28. Hey man, I've brief the director for DOT&E before. And work with the team for years. They will flat out make shit up depending on the guy they have assigned. They don't actually test anything. They have like 1 dude observe tests someone else conducts and plans. And they come to their own conclusion with this team of 1 dude and some contractors with PhDs who never left academia.

  29. Aligns with what I've witnessed as well from them... I thought I just had a bad experience or something lol

  30. You want your DNS resolver to run from a wifi device?

  31. There's nothing wrong with doing that. You won't notice any increased latency at the end user level for just DNS queries...

  32. Yeah I know that. We blow more shit up than anybody else too. We literally spend most of our money on weaponry and troops.

  33. We literally don't though... Medicare/Medicaid alone are over 2x the budget of the military. Social security is roughly 4x the budget of it. Total national education funding is 20% higher.

  34. As an American who knows we’ve sacrificed literally every social safety net the rest of the civilized world has so that we could maintain our ridonkulous military industrial machine, this headline triggers me.

  35. Except we haven't... We sacrificed all our social nets because the average American voter is an imbecile who just voted for whoever promises to lower their taxes, without ever questioning what's going to have its funding cut.

  36. Hockey is a British invention... British troops wanted to play field hockey in the winter, but decided to strap on skates and play it on ice instead.

  37. Huawei and ZTE were banned from being purchased, at least by the US government, back in 2018. Private citizens could still buy their equipment though if they wanted to. This is a full ban on all imports of their equipment to the US as a whole, irregardless of the end user.

  38. Yup. And it's almost certainly just built to commercial specs for armor, damage control, etc. That's been a growing trend for European warships to cut time and costs. For front line combatants like the FREMM, that's worrisome, but for a rear intel ship, it's a no brainer to speed things along.

  39. We can look to 2014 and 2008 as proof of that. He never respected her, and she's a fucking imbecile if she thinks he ever did.

  40. I would say the hard part is getting real time intel, those mobile launchers are tricky to find & track, the take out part is by far simpler

  41. Nice thing is, to my knowledge all DPRK missiles are liquid fueled, largely with UDMH. We know DPRK only manufactures UDMH at a complex in Hungnam as well.

  42. im honestly fine with being disliked by the two shittiest fanbases. Doing something right.

  43. At least those teams actually have fanbases. Canes games are just a collection of people getting lost on their way to Carter Finley lol

  44. I remember reading how German Intelligence was tapping the White House phones in the 90s…Europe would screw over America if they had the capabilities to do so. Especially the French.

  45. French government regularly attacks US private industries in order to boost French industries. France is regularly neck and neck with China for the biggest state sponsor of industrial espionage.

  46. I'm curious what this anonymous "senior EU official" wants the US companies to do then.

  47. They want the US to sell LNG to Europe for far below market value, because Europe made idiotic energy source decisions for a decade+ and ignored every red flag about Russia. They want the US taxpayers to shoulder the weight of their, frankly, stupidity, not themselves.

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