1. Easily one of my favorites as well, I always thought the chorus for Last of My Kind went so hard too

  2. A découpage-ish digital version of my collection. Only one I have currently framed is the large Chuck Sperry one in the middle though.

  3. Damn very cool collection. That Vader one is so sick

  4. girls possess me but they’re never moine

  5. Every once in a while spotify has issues with licensing or multiple albums or whatever. Like over the summer an EP from blink-182 was missing but returned a couple weeks later

  6. i had the same problem. posted it on the sub and someone commented a fix here:

  7. Grind but the sun comes out and blinds everyone

  8. Well now I want the whole thing, brb imma go ask out a random chick to see what they said

  9. Lmao no way thank you, I made it myself 😎

  10. Some dude from The Aquabats? This band won’t last long without Scott.

  11. Lmao love when I see Aquabats mentioned here every once in a while

  12. Last of my kind but it’s just the screaming sound in the beginning

  13. Driving home I only saw a couple groups but probably cause it’s a school night lmao

  14. Anybody know if the presale codes work for the San Diego show? Just not sure cause it goes on sale later and is listed on axs, not Ticketmaster

  15. wait what happened this time that makes everything think he’s coming back

  16. After reading a bunch of stuff I still have no idea lmao

  17. I had no idea there was a bigger picture, how did I not notice

  18. This pic is from someone who had an AI expand the album covers. I’ll have to find the post from a couple months ago. Edit:

  19. I don’t think I have listened to any other blink album from start to finish as often as neighborhoods.

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