1. The Capital of Arizona is Flagstaff. I distinctly remember thinking the capitol was phoenix because its the major city you think of when thinking of Arizona and reading it was Flagstaff, only to find out now, it is in fact phoenix which makes perfect sense and would make no sense for me to look it up.

  2. Considering Ukraine was able to retreat weeks later, yes, complete utter bullshit and Wagner was bled dry.

  3. Elon contributed vital communication equipment to the Ukrainian army. Yes - it's SpaceX equipment but the decisions are 100% with Elon personally.

  4. The Russian government lives in a parallel reality. Until you move into it, do not understand their thoughts. You may think that Elon is suggesting that Ukraine surrender, but in the reality of Russia, Musk is suggesting that the Russian army surrender. Russia does not believe that Ukraine exists such a state as Ukraine, the army also does not exist as a fact. According to Russia, there are Nazi-terrorists-militants-mercenaries-the forces of Satan who repeat to interfere with the salvation of the people of Ukraine. And Musk gives the Satanists military equipment. I'm not joking about the satistists, this is the official position of Russia, voiced by Prime Minister Medvedev.

  5. I mean their definition of war crime is assisting Satan. The world's definition is in the Geneva convention..

  6. Will only serve to make people more disengaged and ambivalent. Maybe it’s real, maybe it’s not. Likely no one will even care

  7. Wikipedia went downhill so fast, it makes me very sad

  8. you think that edit would stay there? Its already been reversed. This is a known thing and there are dedicated editors that correct stuff like this.

  9. God helps those who help themselves isn't in the bible, and goes against the basic message. That said no where does it say you have to take your money and bail out people every time they mess up. Sometimes the consequences of our actions are great catalysts for change.

  10. All that quote means is that if you don't have the ability to get out of your situation, then absolutely ask for help, but if you can, then don't ask someone else for help. Like, "I'm hungry. Can you buy me food so I don't have to find my wallet?" Instead of a, "We've spent all our paycheque on bills. Do you have any spare food we can have until next payday?" Or something to that rendition. Ask for help if you need it, not if it inconveniences you if you don't.

  11. Most definitely. There is a difference between helping someone and enabling someone. I think Op post is on the side of asking for enabling.

  12. poison resist and stag breaker and an iron mace made it a cake walk for me

  13. That is nothing like witchcraft.... you should just obey your mother and know shes trying her best.

  14. Always have the same type of sticks in your computer definitely will get better performance off of that upgrade. If you haven't maxed out you should definitely go that route. I had an 8gb stick in mine, added another duplicate and the game went from lag fest to smooth.

  15. I only came into this thread to see what extreme these guys were going to go. My thought was. Well its their body, their information. they have every right to refuse. That may have consequences on their relationship but it's not an A H issue.

  16. Bleach Stains are the opposite of stains. their the absence of anything that stained that carpet, including the original Dye. To get rid of it you have to dye the carpet in that spot with the same color or bleach the whole carpet.

  17. Cultural Christianity puts an onus on some sins and not others and as long as you don't do the ones they don't do you must be christian this varies by denomination and social group. A cultural Christian believes God is guiding their beliefs but it is the cultural beliefs and guilt that drives them and they make adjustments and a tier system that is not in the bible.

  18. Needed more OOOOOOOOO Dad nabbed demons! my biscuits were burning, fire in the hatch!

  19. I didnt get the boof jab because i caught it twice and was fine, it better be coming for my fucking head if it comes for me again

  20. this. Had it twice. first time was 7 days of weirdness. second time was a cold with 3 days of weirdness. I imagine by the 4th time it will be a non issue for me.

  21. Nearly missing superman casting call because too busy with WoW raid doesnt place him on nerd scale.

  22. While a lot of talent does this. This dude is genuinely one of us.

  23. Reverse. A lot of Hollywood panders to a demographic without caring about any of it

  24. Star trek reference. But also a general rule to ethical interference in another species' evolution.

  25. Yea, but how many times has the prime directive shown to be the bad guy of an episode. Hardly ever was it brought out and shown to be an empathetic option.

  26. No kidding. It's horrible, show me the link.. you know so I can avoid it.

  27. Other than the obvious press shots in the beginning of the series, it seems as though just about every single card in the Topps 1993 JP series — dozens — features a shot that doesn’t appear in the final film. I’m focusing mainly on the first 100 cards or so. The later ones may have been pressed later and have different things. One of them — Card #11 (Raptor Pen/Control Room) — even contains an entire group of actors/characters who just aren’t in the movie at all, standing by the Raptor Pen. All the dino shots that were CG (such as the raptors in the kitchen at the end) are finished completely, yet for whatever reason, basically none of these shots make the final movie. That’s a probabilistic nightmare. You don’t normally spend money finishing CG shots for films that don’t make the final cut, which is why so many DVDs/BluRays contain deleted scenes w/ unfinished CGI. These would’ve been particularly expensive back when they made JP, as they were breaking serious ground w/ vfx.

  28. Wait. Grant doesn't say maybe I'll take up bird watching?

  29. No, because my post was blocked from the public. It said only the admins could see my post.

  30. I am not admin. They must have blocked it after i got in. I can only imagine why they blocked it.

  31. Then I am sorry for addressing the wrong person. I did unjoin this group, though, because of these hypocritical judmental "christians" who don't follow the teachings of christ.

  32. No problem. I hope you find what you are looking for.

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