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  1. Ugh why did have be all dragons again I just want halloween leo or black knight . Sigh corrin gets more alts before leo pls is I am begging give me a usable leo .

  2. It sounds like that you are ace and you can still cuddle and kiss if you are ace . But it is up to you to decide. You still can be ace Ace depressed. I am severely depressed and still ace.

  3. Honestly It is not my cup of tea read some of them but dropped cause it was boring and there are more interesting things on webtoon. Some moments were kinda cringe to read. Nerd is my leaet favorite of the bunch can't stand him .

  4. That there romantic and sexual attractions are separate things. That you can't make me feel sexual attraction . And they need to stop over sexulizing everything. That don't give me weird looks for saying I only like men romantically and then tell me that sex is needed in a relationship it is not required .

  5. So relieved the chrom was not the red unit. disappointed with tiki art is nice but I wish it was based of Naga instead of her young self. Chrom is excellent nice art I am happy how he turned out . Can't wait for the banner.

  6. That popular characters getting tons of alts shouldn't a big deal anymore. You have a right to be upset. But don't we need to be worked up over it and certainly not to the point to attack fans over it . Also AHR and Cyl generates why too much toxicity to the point it becomes unbearable to be in this sub . It wouldn't kill some of you to be more civil.

  7. So she can have safe space be homophobic and they feel threatened by the rainbow mafia.

  8. Ike. Chrom is a close second but we have to see what they do with him hopefully something good haven't been excited for a brave alt since ike.

  9. I love summer Dimitri's art it is very well done I am excited about Elincia I joping that her art and stats are good .I proud for saving so much orbs I have over 600 orbs and am very excited for cyl so idk if I want to summon Dimitri right away . My brave chrom hype is growing I am dying to see what do with him . The only thing that could make me more hype is a Zelgius alt .

  10. Dimitri has such nice art, i but feel conflicted I am supposed to save for cyl . But I like Micaiah as well I like her art . At least my girl Elincia is free pls have good art and be a decent unit .

  11. Possible tellius or three house banner this is not good for my stash depending on who it is . Pls I hope Elincia is not on this banner I love her I but prefer a legendary alt and I need to save for cyl. But if possible tellius banner there is a slim chance that summer zelgius may exist and if i can't have summer ike then zelgius is the next best option. But that is unlikely so I am putting my hopes too high lmao.about the silullettes If Claude is present it is possible we will see the other 2 lords . another micky alt I am conflicted I love her but I need to save . Hopefully they do something different instead of anti Armor and horses. It depends on the art too .

  12. Same idk if I can get physically aroused. It is like I am immune to sexual attraction .

  13. Yes, as sexrepulsed ace I don't feel in with other straight people. Since my relationships will be vastly different since my ideal relationship would be a sexless one. So I relate more queer experiences.

  14. I feel like there is no need for me to have sex I have zero libido and zero sexual attraction. I just feel uncomfortable being sexualized or the thought of doing it with anyone . The naked body does nothing for me . It is just not for me.

  15. I could handle it, but it’s not what I would want.

  16. Understandable are their any other ideas you have in mind.

  17. Polyamory is something that keeps coming up. I deeply value the connections and the relationships that I have with others. And l think that I wouldn’t be interested in sex without at least a friendship.

  18. If both you and your partner areok with that option then that could possibly work.

  19. Ike lost oh well gg team Maurim . I will sit the rest of rounds out cause i couldn't care less about this mode but good luck to the remaining teams . Team ike It has been an honor til we meet again.

  20. Happy pride , ace ike nice . Edit : did i say something wrong ?

  21. Well shit I am a heteroromantic ace so does that mean I am going to jail .

  22. Nope I am unbothered by it I don't think nudity is inherently sexual. Never been aroused by those situations.

  23. Yep I feel alienated due my ace indentity and the constant gate keeping and aphobia from others it is tiresome and Is doesn't help that I am also heteroromantic and the gate keepers insisting that we are not valid 😕. I feel invisible sometimes due lack of good representation .I know I am part of the community but sometimes it feels unwelcoming.

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