1. Ah yes, because Gilded Goose, Once Upon a Time (pre-ban) and Questing beast were not completely busted cards along with Innkeeper and Beanstalk Giant? Red was good, not saying otherwise. Better than stompy green though? No way.

  2. The mono green deck that I played (in summer 2021) was favoured against mono red.

  3. I find this book mediocre too. Though my issue lies with writing. In good writing events unfold naturally and move plot forward. Here plot warps events around itself. If you pause at any moment of the book and try to think what would be the most sensible thing to do for a specific character given what they know and what they want, the result will be different from what that character does half of the time. Characters don't act out of self-interest. They act to move plot forward. A lot of things in the book don't make sense, starting from the premise.

  4. I feel like a lot of the criticisms that you're highlighting here are not only addressed in the both books, but actually form major plot arcs.

  5. Infighting is used a lot in this series as an excuse for unreasonable decisions made by parties. But the thing is, there are more than one side in infighting. Sure, Heritage could have sabotaged imago machine behind the scenes without anyone finding it out and trying to oppose/subvert the plan. But appointing unsuitable (due to lack of experience) ambassador? This is a public action. Someone should have asked questions. And pushed for more support and communications. Where is the other side of this infighting? Sitting still and waiting for... what?

  6. that card is such bullshit, the only thing i hate more than that shit is rabble rousing

  7. Where are you coming across Rabble Rousing? I don't think I've even had that card played against me.

  8. Sweepers are feel bads and have been nerfed into the ground. They give opponents draw, or get stopped by shield counters, or telegraph a turn in advance....or cost 6 mana and not hit planewalkers. :/

  9. Devastating Mastery would also get stopped by a shield counter.

  10. That's why I stopped to play Arena. Yes, the game and especially the shuffler are ABSOLUTELY NOT RIGGED (that's how many people on the reddit say), but then why does it feel that way?

  11. Why is technical issues in inverted commas? Arena is not currently set up for four-way play, so you're talking about a project that would involve a significant overhaul of Arena's architecture.

  12. Private matches would solve the roping issue very easily. This would pretty much remove those issues completely as for disconnection honestly the fact that's taken into account is worrying as most games have already solved this problem by saving their last game state and joining them back in even if they missed a turn. Could even House rules in private if you dc everyone hold on turn simple solution.

  13. The decision to make Arena two-player was definitely a deliberate design choice — I don't think anyone is arguing that it wasn't. The technical issues arise when you look at upgrading what is currently a two-player game to a four-player game. That would not be a trivial project and you would want to be pretty sure that your four-player modes will work successfully before undertaking it.

  14. My best advice for this is watch LVD. He's a content creator on YouTube, and he has the most chill, methodical and respectful approach to games.

  15. The technology is obviously too hard

  16. I know you're saying this ironically, but clearly the technology for this particular feature is harder than everyone assumes.

  17. I’m sitting here trying to imagine how a person could design an online card game where implementing default basic lands would be this difficult. Like if I were purposely trying to make implementing this feature difficult I’m not sure I could do it. even if I hadn’t thought about this feature when I designed it it just seems so easy to add on.

  18. You're right. It would clearly be very simple to make this change. It would also be popular among the player base and would probably lead to more sales of basic land styles.

  19. thats true, but a simple solution would be to add them later when they can see wich card made it to meta decks. It can be taken also as a simple promotion to the most played decks/cards

  20. It's a solution, but only if animations are a priority for either the Arena team or the community to begin with. My impression is that they just aren't.

  21. My impression from this sub is the animations are a mixed bag. Some people really like them, most are indifferent to them, and some people really hate them.

  22. Is [[Arlinn, Voice of the Pack]] that bad or was she just forgotten? Edit: wrong arlinn

  23. She's decent, but I was thinking only of mono green planeswalkers.

  24. Discard and counter spells and nothing else. It also can't kill Planeswalkers, but those aren't really an answer.

  25. If you think the current WOTC cares about players more than money then you are delusional. Every move WOTC has made so far is to take more money from the player. The game is F2P and that model is catered to whales where the free players are "barbecue chicken" for the whales.

  26. It makes you want to buy more packs vs doing QuickDraft and being F2P maybe going infinite.

  27. Right. So even when they give more value to players, that's still them trying to gouge players.

  28. Wizards is never going to provide a subscription service like that, because it actively incentivizes undesirable behaviors. If you have nothing to gain from doing well in your games players will just drop drafts where they don't get a good deck or their prefered colors weren't open and rejoin with a new deck. When one part of the community gets unlimited attempts at drafting a good deck and the rest need to play out whatever they can get, that is the definition of a pay to win model.

  29. I'll have to dig it out, but there was a very informative twitter thread on the topic of the Arena economy.

  30. For physical, I agree that phantom drafts don’t really make sense. But for digital, it is actually the perfect platform to offer phantom drafts. That being said, if MTGA does offer a permanent phantom draft, it would eat at their Quick Draft and Premier Draft numbers.

  31. If you google it, you'd probably find a full list somewhere.

  32. American time zones? Then the hard opponents would be the Europeans logging in after work 😎

  33. I appreciate the effort to be thorough in your approach, but "proof" is a pretty strong term to apply with only one days' worth of data.

  34. I picked up a couple of rares in a QD earlier today. It was a painland and I already have a playset, but it was a rare nonetheless.

  35. Not sure if you're talking about limited or constructed, but Neon Dynasty is widely considered one of the all-time great limited formats.

  36. Because we are playing on a client designed by a budget design team. WoTC hasn't even put in the money necessary to make this into a competent client, let alone an actual good one.

  37. And those bugs and glitches are probably the same ones they complained about in Beta, if not Alpha.

  38. The game is definitely worth playing if you like MTG. It's a decent client that works out significantly cheaper than playing in paper.

  39. That would require taking time away from shoving cards down our throats.

  40. Yeah, what's the deal with this TCG company making new cards all the time?

  41. I'm mainly playing Grixis these days. It's very well positioned at the moment, but it has some clear weaknesses that you could exploit.

  42. Does anybody know how to solve this problem without reinstalling the game? Thanks guys

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