1. The queen, specifically whether or not she offer princess Diana. Like people out here more pressed and disgusted over a conspiracy theory that was never proven, and won’t ever be proven, rather than the actual heinous shit the royals get up to.

  2. Oh my god going to Melbourne central at any time other than weekday mornings. Weekends are so awful because it’s filled with people who have no idea what they’re doing, theyll get off the escalator and just stand there blocking everyone, will cut you off, walk slower than my grandma. They just grind my gears.

  3. It’s giving wattpad fanfiction

  4. I need to know if anybody actually proposed bc I wanna know what happens! I got the option to propose to finn like HELL NO

  5. Worked as a mortician/embalmer in a funeral home. This didn’t happen IN the home, but it’s to do with it.

  6. Was social media a thing at the time? Had your friend visited this medium before?

  7. Social media was a thing but I didn’t disclose my work on there, nor could it be possible for her to know private stuff that happened at the morgue. My friend didn’t know her before and he didn’t know that story either

  8. https://giphy.com/gifs/n4FSXlTBaRN2E

  9. My 9 year old said " I am going to poop in your pants" to his friend.

  10. I cannot stop laughing oh god

  11. I just bought American cream by lush and find the EXACT same issue. I’ve only had it a couple weeks so it’s not bc it’s old. They just suck and for the god awful price? Never again.

  12. YTA. That’s the truth. It doesn’t matter how much you justify it, YTA. You may be doing the best thing, the right thing, but to your daughter YTA and you need to accept that.

  13. Suresh is a cheater, Alfie love bombs and then moves on when anyone else gives him attention, and Finn gives off li want you, but not that much, but also don’t want anyone else to want you”

  14. I’m in youth work, it won’t be for everyone but I can put aside my triggers when working it. Entry level jobs with a cert 4 qualification (lowest qualification, comes under FREE tafe scheme) are on average 80k a year before tax. This is in Australia.

  15. I developed an eating disorder, and while not every classes it as an addiction, I do. Because even when I’m ‘recovered’ the thoughts never go away. I was addicted to being thin, and I thought I’d I was thin everything would be better. When things went wrong, I’d try to lose more weight.

  16. Cptsd is a form of neurodivergency, and neurodivergent people are more likely to be non-binary due to many aspects. Worth looking into but perfectly normal :)

  17. Dissociative amnesia. Try remember what you did several hours ago. I only have vague outlines and I remember from 3rd person.

  18. Yes most of my memories are third person, like outer body. Is this normal?

  19. It’s not possible, we can’t even get to kiss him. I did all the gem scenes and nothing happened in either of them, and then he gets eliminated

  20. Is it possible to get with Finn then? I feel like all we can do is swap between Alfie and suresh and both of them suck hahah

  21. RDJ as Iron Man!!! Nobody could ever compare

  22. Hey, I’m Native American and grew up for about 15 years in the SE. i no longer live there but have experienced slurs and pretty intense racism my whole life, all over Victoria. I get called a redskin and a savage a lot.

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