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  1. Try setting yourself to do something creative like drawing, writing poeme or making origami

  2. Definitely not cyanide that I didn’t put in your food the day before

  3. Ha ha I'm going to die from starving just to prouve you wrong

  4. A barn. With the roof made of a reversed shipwreck

  5. Je l’ai envoyé en enfer donc Satan peut le tuer l’abomination

  6. You are you because you are special ✨️

  7. You say that til they're swarming your feet

  8. I think kinda the same. My thought process is why expect something they can't from someone when you can look at who they are. Reading that it does not seems so clear as it was in my head

  9. It is more romantic to say that we're all made of stardust but true

  10. You can go further than that. When you eat a cow, the cow couldn't be there without cow cum. So a burger is basically bread around fermented milk and old cow cum.

  11. Well if you want you got the blue Toyota behind us

  12. OK. Don't touch the violin case then. It is not a violin

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