1. at one point, someone will sue and get this sorted out, having to call and tell them that they could've killed me. They just say that's not their problem I'm sick of it

  2. Gaston 100% I don't see anyone else who would have that on their house

  3. I hate that it's always a rabbit-like where tf did that come from we're in a dwemer dungeon swear she can summon rabbits that's my only explanation even in vanilla

  4. please separate toes and pick up and get cat used to being moved and positioned if u plan to take with u on vacations, teach to go in grass/sand, and harness training is so helpful when taking to vets/groomers/ out and about (my friends cat likes to go on walks more then her dogs)

  5. my favorite is when u say ur t1d, and they look shocked and say, "But you're not fat! u can't be diabetic. You're not fat" ( I've always been super tiny about 80-100lbs)

  6. he's disappointed in ur mods and doesn't want u to see the porn u added in

  7. I focus on clothing items but have bought a few furniture items I have removed most the trees but I have a few in each biome for sticks l, the only spot I've changed is where stitch lives he has his city and space ship next to his house and I made it a gravel/sandy spot. his spot is overlooking beach/swamp, that's the most creative I've been in this game, kinda afraid that everything will look bad, so I don't do anything

  8. I miss the shit out of this. I wish we could get some kind of medieval pack, with titles and stuff like that. Like a legacy pack or something.

  9. there's mods for that in s4 but I'm sad that ea is just money hoping and not finishing or fixing anything

  10. for half a second, my sleepy brain thought this was Pepto Bismol, lol.

  11. I lived off that insulin for a very long time, wasn't the best for me, but it kept me alive the long term sucked,

  12. The more replies I read the more I'm convinced I'm a biological mutant freak because for some reason the insulin works great for me. It's so weird.

  13. short term was hit and miss. long term made me low like crazy we ended up splitting the long term. I took it 2-3 times a day

  14. my 360 would do this. NPC would take one step down the stairs and die, that was forever ago, I was scared to go into towns/city's because they might die walking down the stairs, oh I kinda miss those bugs now I have new complex bugs 😅

  15. You also have the problem of New Vegas being itself: breaking and crashing in the most fascinating ways.

  16. one of the enemies a dog k!lled turned into a helicopter his bottom half was in sitting position and his arms were the helicopter wings game nuked itself it also wouldn't let me back into any of that character save files 😑

  17. This would be awesome. I love the game, but Donald’s temper tantrums are triggering for me lol. I have no idea why but every time he goes off, I hit the mute button!

  18. bottom still has updates. The top is stuck pre-water update

  19. I like it when it changes color depending on hp, like 100% is green, 50% is yellow, and 20% is red it gives me a little more info without going into menus

  20. congratulations! my one of my kitty's is chunky, should lose 5 or so pounds and it's so hard, as my other cat is skin and bones and only eats a few kibble at a time but eats like every 20 minutes

  21. whoa I didn't even know that was possible congrats!

  22. me too, I can't lift very much ether, so the auto doors are amazing, trying to work on strength, but it's hard with diabetes

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