1. From which country are you purchasing? Regardless, I'd definitely look around a bit on the second-hand market. Could score a motherboard/case there for sure. Storage/power supply I'd just buy new as you don't want those components messed with.

  2. US, my only answer is that I have no budget but prefer the cheapest option possible

  3. How big of a case do you want? Is rgb important to you? What will it primarily be used for?

  4. Case does not matter to me but I will be playing Lost Ark mostly

  5. Jelly epoch with Harimau switches and GMK Dracula

  6. Lucian was only picked because he’s one of the few ADCs that can lane efficiently with Yuumi and has the ability to match Ziggs’ wave clear early on. Picking Lucian into Varus is a death wish at a competitive level because if he falls behind, he is 1000x more useless than Varus. You using the range of Lucian Q and R as an indicator to his range is a really invalid argument.

  7. In traditional comps, lethality Varus is mostly played for the poke rather than on-hit. Regardless of what Varus builds, Kalista is a much better option due to her ability to punish the Varus pick. Furthermore, Kalista has a form of Pseudo-engage for her support as well as safety. Overall the kits of Kalista and Lucian at hand is less arguable. Lucian has nothing to offer when he is behind and that is why he’s played more often than not in solo-lanes. You’ll see him once in a blue moon as a niche old school pick to counter champs like Ezreal or to let a Yuumi scale like you stated in the Nongshim game.

  8. Dardoch looks like he has been improving the way he portrays his feelings and his thoughts towards his teammates. Bravo to him for improving his mentality.

  9. Peke surely wasn't thinking when he got caught out in the jungle during Game 2 which lead to their loss.

  10. Do you think I'm here to make jokes?

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