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  1. Some gun clubs/ranges have lockers available. I don’t know that this is an economical option since it will likely require a monthly membership. However, it is certainly practical. You can visit the range any time and love on your gun.

  2. Riding bicycles around the neighborhood.

  3. Feel free to judge for buying sight unseen, but it was $400.

  4. As others have said, it’s normal. Nice deal, sir. I paid $750 for mine pre Covid and that’s a good deal in my area.

  5. Straight out of COD 4. Very cool!

  6. How long did you wait after using the leach field treatment? Thank you!

  7. Whatever the recommendation is on the container. I think it’s just flush at bedtime and limit use overnight. So roughly 8 hrs.

  8. Thanks! I ordered a bottle this morning. Will give me peace of mind before I try a load of laundry once a week

  9. It made my leach field much more efficient. Before I discovered the product, I could only see evidence of one single lateral line in my back yard (green grass when the rest is dead). Now, my back yard has huge swaths that I have to cut even when all else is dead. I go ahead and use it a couple times a year just to maintain. Do you have trees anywhere near the leach field that could be clogging with roots? There’s product for that also but it will actually slow your system for a few weeks so that should come later once you’ve made progress on your current issue.

  10. I had to scroll far too long to find this.

  11. Seems fair. I got a quote on one for a pontoon at Eagle Mountain Lake and it was somewhere around $10k all in. Too much for me so I passed on it.

  12. Had one just like it and we named him Pumba

  13. The 19 is putting in some work, tho!

  14. Love mine too. We’re you shooting 38 or 357?

  15. Somebody’s looking to play spin the uzi

  16. Dirt. It was sarcasm. Sorry, bad joke, I guess.

  17. $750 should get you close to a Beretta A300, take a look at that.

  18. This is what I did. The synthetic stock version is cheapest. I added a fiber optic site from the beretta website for next to nothing.

  19. I’d be very happy with that! Also, it’s be cool to have you share some shit over at

  20. I feel like $650 is on the low end of the value regardless of pre lock situation. If that feels high to you, I’d pass.

  21. Sounds like a lemon. I haven’t had any issues out of mine whatsoever.

  22. For me, $750 is on the lower end in that condition. $1000 on the upper end but the answer is probably somewhere in the middle. It’s a very nice gun. Congrats.

  23. These are meant to be as close to a production WW2 1911 as possible, so that means basic GI sights. You can buy Tisas models with better sights if that's what you want.

  24. It was really just curiosity. I have a Springfield Mil-Spec that looks a lot like this one. The Springfield has three dot sites so I was just trying to compare. Looks like that might be the only difference outside of the roll mark. Thanks for the reply.

  25. I have those Uncle Mikes grips on my 64. They’re not much to look at but very comfy to shoot.

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