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  1. Ah yes, b twist and touch down raiz. What’s the difference?

  2. I legitemately didn't notice a difference until people pointed them out to me. I'm not a gymnast and I don't do tricking. I never claimed I was or did either.

  3. Ik but I’m still making a joke because they are very very different tricks, especially when u see the full things at normal angles.

  4. A randomly selected august month from the last 10 august months is where I got 10 for n. I just wanna know what it actually is so I can understand it.

  5. Are u a troll or something I just wanna know how to solve the problem seriously

  6. I think one scissor is one of the pieces and then put them together it’s a pair. Having 4 “scissor”‘s makes 2 pairs of scissors

  7. im also in the process of getting comfortable with c9, something that helped was being more patient for the switch round. you start bringing up your knee for the kick before your head finishes turning towards the target, wait for the spot then switch round.

  8. Thanks, in the second clip I definitely see the early switch round but what about the last c9? Was that one good or atleast better

  9. a little early but definitely better, if you spot the target on takeoff itll help with knowing where you are in the trick and when to switch

  10. Focus on going up and shrug your shoulders really high on the take off; after that you just have to think about spotting behind yourself for the twist to get the optimal kick angle

  11. Thanks bro I didn’t really use any tips todays session but still did a way better cheat 9 I’m gonna make a new post

  12. Imagine getting your c9 filmed by Guthrie, looking good!

  13. Nah this was my boy alex, this session didn’t have most of whose normally there

  14. I would not recommend personally. I’ve smashed my wrist and shoulder trying that. Plain tdr is less risky to try since you have a smaller momentum arc to follow.

  15. Yea it does kind of kill ur wrist but it’s about the motion and learning not to throw yourself onto a locked arm trying to learn tdr like I did

  16. Could you give me tips? I’m not exactly at the “see what sticks” stage anymore. I need to cut out or add tech in important places rather than just trying over and over again.

  17. The big thing really is u should be doing the arm circle and end up with ur arm up above ur head. Think about doing it and having ur arm next to ur ear. That will line up ur body. Does that make sense?

  18. I think I understand. Can you send me one of your tdr dub corks as an example?

  19. Cant dub cork yet 💀 but u could see my hook tdr gainer on my profile that was posted 24 days ago. Or look at a good tdr from a front or back angle to see it better

  20. Be sure ur legs pass over ur head fast so it’s not like ur whole body weight on ur arms

  21. Ur jumping into it pretty high. Think about just doing the arm circle and falling onto ur hand instead of jumping onto it

  22. Don’t drop your chest/shoulders so soon (easier said than done, I also struggle with this). Also, the more you tuck your legs, the more you inhibit your twist. Same way how tightening your body vertically promotes flipping, tightening it horizontally/laterally promotes twisting. It’s like how when an ice-skater pulls in their legs and arms towards their center of mass, they start to rapidly increase their spinning speed, without applying any extra force. Fully straightening your legs is the best way to make your form optimized for twisting. Obviously, you still need to get the flip around though.

  23. When I started I had the same problem, so I learned how to do a vert double twist and then I just did my setup for and thought about it as a slightly turned dub vertwist, probably not the best method but it worked for me

  24. My bad, didn't read the rules. But also, how do I learn, besides youtube? And if I have any questions about specifics that are not online, how do I ask without violating the rules?

  25. U can learn some basics like rounds and hooks, crescents, skip hook, touchdown kicks. Then post how they look after a few sessions and we can be like “do this with ur arms” or whatever

  26. Dude your improvement over the last few months has been crazy, good shit

  27. Thanks bro Iv lost some stuff and gained stuff but it’s been progress

  28. For anyone struggling with raiz focus on kicking back hard into the arch and jerking ur dropping shoulder into the arch as u are trying to spot the ground. That got me the trick to look like it pretty quick

  29. How many times have you watched this? Me: Yes

  30. Literally me I’ve watched it so many times on my Instagram reel with the music in the back

  31. that's either crazy that you can do that or your video was in selfie mode 😂

  32. I twist clock wise so I get to hook kick with my dominant leg it’s fun

  33. Pigmie has really good tutorials for progressing into tricks and getting them bad. People like kojo, plan zero, are good. zack Ferguson has really in-depth tutorials and is pretty under rated

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