1. Who knew there was someone with more TOP energy than Meg?

  2. "Guys, my arch nemesis is literally the physical embodiment of fear" -Hal Jordan

  3. it wasn’t obvious? Lol This man has a chaotic sense of what he deems “good”

  4. Not knowing the guy personally, I dont want to make harsh judgements. but from interviews and the like, I get the sense Didio had... a bit of a control freak problem? more often than not, it seemed he was OK with ideas that in some way came from him or through him, than from anyone trying to work independently from him.

  5. What this worked well with was his propensity for having bad ideas, or having ideas with potential that didn’t get fully fleshed out. So you end up with an Editor in Chief who wants everything to be done his way, even though there’s no evidence that his way would work; in fact, on many occasions it doesn’t, and he hasn’t converted a bit.

  6. oh god, I had completely forgotten about that one but it's all coming back. Wasnt there a Hulk in there too?

  7. I am going to assume these abilities are intended for battle and not considering OOC situations.

  8. Re-read Rejuvenating Flame, while reading I realised it's far more busted than you initially assumed. It says "At the end of each turn" rather than "at the end of each of your turns", meaning they heal a minimum of 5 hp every round in combat (party of 4, 1 enemy), and that is with only a +1 in Wisdom. with a 16 it becomes ridiculous.

  9. That bit, I will say is fine. because it is generally understood that "end of each turn" means "the character's turn." but improving the wording abnd being specific is always good.

  10. wait I am confused, why dont you want any of the strawhats in the crew?

  11. Is it me, or that gun looks like he is pointing at himself?

  12. I think Oda and Aoyama (Detective Conan) also just met earlier this year for the first time. I think it’s a bit difficult for mangaka to meet since each has his/her own schedule.

  13. They also work on different magazines. so it is harder for them to cross paths.

  14. the author really went "tonight, the Fuuko fans are fed"

  15. But it would let you feel like you got a lot stronger from level 1 to level 3.

  16. The problem is that even with that gear, 1st level characters are like glass.

  17. These aliens just got themselves some uber powerful Nuke and they dont even know it lmao

  18. you can tel Folgore probably figured out something was off early on but did not want to scare Konsomme and waited till he was safe before rushing to help Kanchome.

  19. Why did you write "We need Druid Druid subclass"?

  20. Worst thing the ending did was what it did retroactively to Eren. No way I was buying that

  21. I think it fell into the pitfall of not being able to

  22. This is part of what I meant with my second point.

  23. I think there is strong evidence that, at least at some point in her life, she lived in Connecticut while in the human realm

  24. "Takes into account all obstacles and assumes their plan works at every step" or "takes into account all obstacles and have a plan B for each"? Because in the parties I've seen always did the former and that's not a good plan.

  25. Plans b, c, d and r. Natural 1s in all of those.

  26. No need. Like a lot of Memes here, this is a fictional nightmare scenario that exemplifies an annoying, but still comedic, possible situation when playing the game.

  27. No wait, their speed is too hight. they are too OP

  28. He obviously sold his house for it. so he at least is homeless

  29. Where do you think all these skeletons come from?

  30. heads up: the joke is that Jesse is wrong

  31. I mean they brought back Batman’s father and Superman’s despite their parents deaths being a core part of their origin and self and look how that turned out. Terrible. Certain characters must stay dead or if they do have interactions as ghost or clones or alternate dimension versions it’s small send offs or moments that might give a character a chance to connect but not forever. It’s one thing if it’s an alternative Thomas Wayne sending a letter to his son as his universe is destroyed it’s another where he’s entered into the Batman family and main mythos.

  32. I was about to go on a Rant about the Kents being great. then I realized you meant Jor-El lmao.

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