1. It's probably a Reddit power mod and they're probably 36.

  2. Just got back from walking the dog for his allowance.

  3. You're partly correct on trade relations between the South & Britain being stronger, but you're missing one component of why tea was so popular in the South. It was expensive.

  4. Tea wasn't particularly expensive. It came by the shipload. Taxes on tea were the cause of the Boston Tea Party, remember. America imported a fuckload of it then, and by the Civil War, they still did.

  5. As far as I’ve read, it wasn’t actually taxes on tea that caused the Boston Tea Party, as British tea was cheaper than most alternatives. It was the fact that Britain was dictating that the only tea the colonies were allowed to buy was from the British East India Company as opposed to their competitors, and thus creating a monopoly.

  6. That was the basis for it, but the colonists were forced to pay higher taxes that they as British subjects had no say in, that were levied only against the colonies.

  7. Springfield has the unfortunate habit of building for the traffic it has now, not the traffic it will have in 10 years.

  8. Bullshit, they are scared as fuck! There's no sleeping going on, they are getting together the best 100 some odd officers to hang around and listen to children scream for help. Tasing people who are willing to go in and try to save some lives.

  9. Disarming their own officers who try to go in. Can't help all the

  10. So eustasis will perscribe non stim meds like amoxitene (that's what they prescribed me) but will not issue any stimulants. It really sucks as that's the first line treatment for ADHD. I have not had luck finding any place online that is not a scam. It sucks but you can't expect others to care more about your mental health than you. If I find a good place local I will let you know.

  11. Eustasis is a dumpster fire. Avoid them like the plague.

  12. Thank you. Both are such great episodes.

  13. And the reaction from both groups couldn't be different. Mormons chuckled and moved on. "Ha ha, you got us!"

  14. I assume if you work in govt or a politician, then you're probably a terrible person

  15. If you've done what's necessary to get elected to a position from city councilman on up, you're almost by definition a terrible person.

  16. I just want to get my skinny healthy person poop enema so I, too, can be a skinny healthy person

  17. Can I get a combo meal? Skinny healthy and not depressed with anxiety?

  18. Ehhh sort of, but if the idea of eternal servitude to a brain in a box doesn't appeal, you can get rid of him too.

  19. Not really servitude, he doesn't treat the courier as anything more than an employee/protégé just like Benny. If you get his ending with good karma he makes you a lieutenant and rewards you greatly for your services, and the ending slides hint that he's proud of you.

  20. I was thinking about the never dying, and the robot army. That falls on the wrong end of the alignment chart. Might as well be a necromancer.

  21. My brother in christ that's a palletized logistical object, russians dont have room for silly Westoid ideals

  22. Forklift? Nyet, comrade, you carry by hand to off books buyer so General gets new yacht.

  23. The authorities don't care. Churches have been telling people how to vote for 40 years and nothing has happened to them. They will never lose their tax exempt status because somehow the pigs are more equal than the rest of us.

  24. 40? That shit goes back to before the adoption of Christianity as the official religion of the Roman empire.

  25. Hey Aussies, firebomb any Youtubers recently, you corrupt-ass cunts?

  26. Does it sound stupid? Does it work? If so, it is not stupid.

  27. If it's stupid and it works, it's still stupid, and you got lucky.

  28. number of KKK members in the armed forces in the USA? Probably zero. Number of Azov Battalion Nazis? 900.

  29. Wow, a whole 900? That's like, a fraction of a percent of people who fly confederate flags in the entire US.

  30. Isn't that the anarcho capitalism sell more guns to fighting countries?

  31. Absolutely. But seeing as all the selling going on is being financed on the back of the taxpayers, we aren't selling them guns. The government is, and they're doing it floating them loans with us as collateral.

  32. I think I’m glad I have no idea what this is about.

  33. Because that panel is about 2022, not 1941.

  34. https://www.thedailybeast.com/fidel-castros-horrific-record-on-gay-rights

  35. We should normalize the realization that fascism, communism, and socialism are all brothers, and than they all have the same blood on their hands.

  36. I can’t believe the cubs weren’t labeled

  37. WTF is it with this hacky Dollar Store Ben Garrison shit?!?

  38. You've already proven we can ignore whatever you say. You don't need to make us further aware of your intellectual deficiencies.

  39. Fat fuck looking to stay relevant and kissing up to the only people who will pay money his "expertise"?

  40. What is it with you "sexual free market" motherfuckers? You're like a monthly occurrence. It's creepy and annoying. She just isn't into you, dude. Take a shower, brush your teeth, wear deoderant, and set your sights lower.

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