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  1. It's unbelievable that they had to deal with a bomb threat and then with this ESPECIALLY after what happened last week. The boys were so worried, please, fans need to behave but the officials running this thing need to take these events seriously and have more security to enforce things like crowd capacity and barricades. If there's anything to be learned from the recent stampede tragedies, it's to take crowding very seriously. Please be careful, everyone.

  2. She’s still young in the sport. In time her technical side will get stronger.

  3. That is not what happened with the skaters before her that had the same back straining jumping technique though.

  4. FG imo. I'm not opposed to the idea of her being a classic, but her bone structure looks strikingly narrow to me. Also her weight seems to go her legs, which would be indicative of a yang weight gain pattern.

  5. Can't wait to see what Chenle chooses to show up as this year, his cosplays in previous years were absolutely iconic

  6. That’s why Ice skating is effectively dead and pointless in terms of progression. The unwillingness to push the activity makes it near worthless.

  7. You couldn't be further from the truth here lol, figure skating has most definitely done a lot of progress over the past few years in terms of technical difficulty. The current Olympic champion Nathan Chen has been dominating the sport for the last four years with layouts with up to 5 or 6 quad jumps, while prior to Chen becoming senior in 2016-'17 the top men had consistency issues with just 2 or 3 of the easier ones. We now have 'women' (i.e teenage girls old enough to skate seniors) jumping different types of quads, when all we had prior to 2018 were Miki Ando's sadly inconsistent quad salchows in the 2000s. Junior skaters including pre-pubescent 13 year olds are now doing backloaded 3-3 combos and some even triple axels and quads. Literally just a few weeks ago we had the first ever skater to land a quad axel, which is the hardest jump to execute. As for the backflip, I assume it's banned because of the risk of concussion. Aerial cartwheels, which are probably in a similar degree of dangerous are still permited though. Kevin Aymoz is the only skater I know has done it which I think is why it still hasn't been banned.

  8. Korea does make exceptions. Son Heung-min the soccer player served only 3 weeks instead of the standard 2 years for instance.

  9. Yeah but I'm hoping she becomes the first woman to land a 4A. Would be an amazing story arc given her struggles with the 3A and with her 'lousy' Silver Medal at the Olympics lol

  10. How would she be able to land a 4A when she can't even land a clean 3A lol

  11. Joey King, born in 2000. Still got three years on the clock. It’d be almost hilarious if not so vile.

  12. Chileeee i feel personally attacked because i just got this theme lmao

  13. Lmao I mean it's still a pretty LE overall, the colors work well together and everything, it's just that random empty space in between all the glitter that bothers me. Congrats on completing the theme btw.

  14. Most people use either Photoshop or ibisPaint. The discord for superstar games has a channel for fanmades where you can find most resources like the R emblem, card template, etc. so definitely join the server if you haven't already.

  15. will they be able to purchase with dias? i thought it would be like the christmas theme where there were only rp packs

  16. I think they're probably gonna do dias + rp packs, if they do release the theme during the anniversary event. They've done so with Suju, NCT and RV, so I wouldn't expect it to be different with SNSD.

  17. SNSD has always been a special case in SSM tbh considering the circumstances with their contract. They have 2 LEs atm and both are Event LEs, which are usually only obtainable using RPs. But since this comeback might have different specifics, maybe they will get a regular LE. We can only guess 😬

  18. Ah you're right, I hadn't thought about their contracts. It would be really nice if we could get both options (dias + rp) but we'll see.

  19. Off the top of my head I'd say Taeyeon's Better Babe, Red Velvet's Beg for me and NCT Dream's Life is still going on.

  20. Guys, IF I get the Red velvet card A grade and only after the event upgrade to be a R, will I get the pretty rainbow R?

  21. Yes. Every card you collect from this set, no matter the grade, will eventually have the rainbow R once you get it up to that level.

  22. 100% THIS! But I'm getting the feeling that most anti-shippers are also quite homophobic and like to force heterosexuality for the sake of "if they come out it would be career suicide" as if the artist would really put their career before their happiness (I know some do, but let's not generalize). It's totally problematic to publicly scream about it in the presence of the artist. We as fans barely know anything about their private lifestyles, so it's just as equally wrong to impose hetero relationships. Nobody knows but THEM, so it's best to just shut up.

  23. Woah, what? So now acknowledging that these people are in fact people is considered homophobic? How did you manage to completely gloss over the fact that quite a lot kpop ships are actually male x female? Just when I thought this sub couldn't surprise me...

  24. I just fail to see the correlation between homophobia and being "anti-shipping". Especially because some shippers themselves can be homophobic too. They're the types that consume media depicting queer relationships but fail to show any support for us or are straight up against our existence in real life. Shipping, writing stories, making videos and edits of two living men or women who are not publicly in a relationship is absolutely not a display of support for the LGBT+. You could argue about the ethics of it, personally I consider it to be textbook objectification, but it is not a showing of support for our community. I get the disdain towards those certain kinds of fans that say dumb crap like "Jungkook is not dating that man, don't assume his sexuality!!", when what they really mean is don't assume he's gay. But to claim that most anti-shippers are actually homophobes in disguise is just completely ridiculous to me, especially when what is really at hand, for me and a lot of other people is the dehumanization of these idols and the lack of consent that's involved.

  25. I'm going for Kai's Vanilla vocal card. Kai only has two normal themes (which is the minimum number in order for the exchanger to work, I think), so the chances of getting the card and thus completing the theme are probably pretty good.

  26. I don't have a Tiktok acc, so I apologize if this is unhelpful but I couldn't watch it. That said, I don't think she's SN at all.

  27. Interesting, because aside from his online group, he never said it was a prerequisite like with R family in his book or otherwise. Like, they can often have it but not always. Huh. Wendy actually does have double curve, though. It's just not obvious at lower weights for her.

  28. D all the way imo. The outfits here that are vertical-accommodating prove it. I will never understand the DC Shawn Mendes train, that man is a column lol.

  29. Yes, they can. The difference is that while with yin types (R, TR and SG) curve is constant throughout the whole silhouette, FGs with a curvy hipline will have a straight and sometimes elongated torso line that breaks the curve. Think Jennifer Love Hewitt or Doja Cat (though she's not verified).

  30. Station has some really easy songs though 😅 as someone who mains it I simply ignore the hard ones

  31. In my opinion, she has mostly ingenue with some hints of ethereal and maybe classic. I'm more hesitant about classic since her facial features and bone structure are very clearly elongated and soft, as opposed to the more balanced, "nothing stands out" impression that classic faces tend to give. However I do think a bit of classic makes sense given her style choices, which I see as being very classic + ingenue.

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