1. Like others said- it will but if you don't get into either, follow @ runDisRegStatus on twitter. It's a bot that posts when the races open up. Put on notifications on every piece of technology and pay attention lol

  2. Since you don't know your number, wait until the last minute to drop (but make sure it's not too last minute that you can't). You might be close to the top and just not know. You might be able to email them and ask but keep in mind they're probably super behind w/ the storm

  3. Well if you post that you have to constantly work for self-confidence, someone might want to remind you that disabilities don't decrease beauty.

  4. It's not really true to say charter schools can take whoever they want. They aren't comparable to private schools at all. They take students through a lottery system, and they aren't allowed by law to exclude students with learning disabilities. Nationwide, the percentage of charter students with learning disabilities isn't that different from public schools (on the order of 10% vs. 12%).

  5. I went to a charter school for 3/4 years of high school. We had many students with learning disabilities (keep in mind each grade was about ~30 kids), even had multiple teachers/aides for them. Disabilities ranged from "invisible" to (idk what else to use besides) "obvious"

  6. id also like to add that i wear compression socks as well and they don’t seem to help

  7. I've looked up to someone a foot shorter than me- no. It becomes just a fact about someone to me like that they have brown hair or green eyes

  8. That is the sound of a content and relaxed kitty.

  9. look up videos online! a bit hard at first and you might need help holding the cat but it can be done.

  10. People call this “accidental se”. It's clear you dropped it, but you didn't drop it drop it; it was an accident. Actually in Spanish there is no verb “to drop”. If you drop something on purpose, you say dejar caer (“to let fall”). If it was not on purpose, you use this structure.

  11. Why do you need me in the I dropped my icecream if the icecream just fell (according to Spanish translating)?

  12. Because that's how you point out that it's YOUR ice cream that fell.

  13. Why don't we just teach everyone English so that we don't have to have translators and what not? Oh wait bc you don't just cancel languages for existing and having to have accommodations for it.

  14. That's what makes male contraceptive pills harder than people think. To be as useful as womens', it needs to be pretty much 100%. All there needs to be for a baby is one sperm. Women release one (well maybe more) egg a month. Stopping this one egg from being fertilizable and guaranteeing it is stopped is a lot easier.

  15. Not sure if this is the right place to ask but been having front ankle pain when I run. Went on a treadmill today (very icy outside) and it seemed to be worse with the hills compared to flat

  16. "Immersion". It's not a myth but there's a lot of bad advice about it.

  17. I would say that a lot of immersion can be found around your city. Because it's the closest store and they have great peppers lol I often go to a Mexican Grocery store near me, waiting in line (eavesdropping) or asking for help I try to use my Spanish. Even the music is in Spanish. I do live in TX though haha.

  18. I love trying to pass/maintain the same speed as people. Ik that races for the majority of people, including myself, (ironically enough) aren't really about beating other people but when it's just me, myself, and I (especially for no music races) that's my go-to. I'm competitive, I can't take that out of me haha. It's all in good fun though, at the finish line, I'm just looking at the clock- not who's in front/behind me.

  19. Fun fact this is why you get a headache when hungover (bc you don't drink enough water)!

  20. Not necessarily agreeing or disagreeing. Just putting my own thoughts.

  21. They just really want you to be hydrated. I see a lot of them on

  22. I think that there is some biological (genetic)/psychological as well as cultural basis for it to some extent, that some are more comfortable with a mate of their own ethnicity. I hope others do not judge them as having any racist sentiments towards others of different ethnic origins. I believe it is just a matter of having greater potential compatibility for them because there is so much racial tension in the world today as well as a little stigma as some intolerance and bigotry still exists towards interracial couples.

  23. I feel like this happens in a lot of relationships. We generally lean towards people we have stuff in common with. Look at a high school and the friend groups/cliques that form. People go toward other people who have things in common (interests, culture, language, etc.). We talk about race and ethnicity more just bc it's more noticeable.

  24. Le estoy esperando is leísmo, though accepted by RAE. When refereing to people and animals direct objects and indirect objects are both introduced by "a". Esperar is a transitive verb, so the correct pronoun is "lo"

  25. So bc esperar is "to wait for" and not "to wait" it's direct?

  26. No she is entitled to her view as much as the high profile prolife people that lean the other way.

  27. Yes she's entitled to it but is it helping more than hurting the movement??

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