1. How is it fun doing that? I just dont get it. The amount of people who just primarily use Azurs Comet is infuriating.

  2. I mean....it's a cool spell that's in the game, just let people use what they like and play with it how they want

  3. Theres also about 40 other spells that look cool. People like that are the reason i never summon anyone with a staff. There is no intelligence build in this game, just Azurs Comet because thats the only spell that matters to anyone. Just makes me really sad to see people do the same three things to kill everything.

  4. Yea i can understand that, would be cool to see some variety. I myself am currently switching between 4 to 5 spells because i find so many of them really amazing like founding rain of stars, rannis dark moon, the ball that rains projectiles from above and loretta's bow

  5. Doesn’t she literally call us a “dogged fellow” at some point in her quest??

  6. Yes, if you speak to the tiny ranni she calls you a dogged fellow for finding out she is the tiny doll

  7. We sure about that? As far as I know, her first bloom happened against radhan, and then the second one where she fights us, because the item description where it's mentioned she will turn into a goddess says it like it's something that hasn't happened yet

  8. There is another scarlet bloom on the left before het arena, it's a bit out of place but it's there

  9. They could have had bel'veth for this line being a basic fairy outside of ult and in ult a full on monarch butterfly.

  10. Lucky for us they didn't do that amazing and cool idea of yours but instead added another ezreal skin....yay......

  11. more bubble spells please. like… a night sorcery bubble that’s invisible until near the target🤔

  12. Chakram also synergies with his 4th ability, impaled enemies spawn more chakrams when you hit them with one.

  13. Is this a hidden passive? Because i haven't seen this in his ability description

  14. Is it worth farming het or would you reccomend waiting for the prime?

  15. I stood above her and trew a dragon lightning spear straight from above and it nearly oneshot her

  16. Oh, yeah, Fextra's full of funny things like this. Nothing beats the "Gwyn's Sexy barbecue" shitpost in "Strategies" section on Gwyn's page, but hilarious mistakes are everpresent on Fextralife.

  17. Found one about the guy from ds1 that teaches pyromancy near izalith and the fextra page said: he looks like an average discord modderator

  18. Hi there! It looks like you may be discussing modding the game Elden Ring, but unfortunately discussion on game mods is not allowed here! Please take this conversation over to

  19. I did not know he could bzcome that big, my helmith is the smallest size so i guess the grind for a big boy starts tomorow

  20. I haven't noticed that before when did this bug happen and what platform do you play on

  21. Ooh nice that's the toxic one i think. What weapon is that if i may ask Edit: yep it's the toxic one because it's the element on your gun

  22. Noice, my 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th sister each had a different ephemera.

  23. In case you didn't know, the ephemera is based on the prognetor (can't spell it) element which is the the same as the weapon element bonus so radiation has an ephemera, heat has an ephemera etc

  24. Yeah you can get a riven for sister hounds weapons as well.

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