1. I would take Kibbe YouTube with a grain of salt! A lot of what those creators say is an interpretation of the book, many of what has been contradicted by David Kibbe himself in the SK Facebook group. I assume you took the quiz from a website like a The Concept Wardrobe? Kibbe has never mentioned head size, but he did talk about appearing taller in his book. He has since changed his stance on looking taller!

  2. Imo he looks the most like himself in casual looks which makes me lean toward FN. He looks so out of place in suits despite the suits being unbelievably fabulous. The one suit that looks the best on him is all blue number, but it doesn’t really count as a suit because he’s wearing jeans. The flowing tie is also working.

  3. I think she looks balanced, but best in outfits that accentuate her shoulders. My vote is DC.

  4. I’m getting gamine vibes from her! Maybe that’s just her essence though

  5. https://www.reddit.com/r/Kibbe/comments/10o80bh/andrew_garlfied_kibbe_better_pictures/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=android_app&utm_name=androidcss&utm_term=1&utm_content=share_button

  6. I think he looks best when dressed in Dramatic lines.

  7. I can see why she may appear D, but I am so sure she's FN. (detailed thought process below, but basically even though she's narrow she has kibbe width and her bone structure is actually broad. She's very skinny, which makes her initially appear sharp at first glance.) This is a great example of how a narrow frame does not negate the possibility of kibbe width.

  8. Thank you very much for your hard work. I can see it now!! FN all the way. She must be underweight.

  9. I vote SN. I think people rule it out because she looks overwhelmed in baggy fabrics and because she’s plus sized but most plus sized people don’t look good in baggy clothing ( coming from a thicker person,) and anyone would be drowned in the amount of fabric she wears sometimes. SN or not

  10. I agree with belts not looking good but I think those would not look good on any type, those don’t just fit with dresses… but to me she looks like she is drowning in longer dresses, even the heels don’t seem to help. As SD I basically never look like I’m drowning, problems appear only when something is too short.

  11. They all look great. Picture 6/7 the length is beautiful on you!

  12. Mesma dúvida aqui. Iniciante 100% e quero ingressar no mercado de trabalho.

  13. Tenho apenas um material, que está pra chegar! Comprei o livro "Entendendo Algoritmos: Um guia ilustrado para programadores e outros curiosos".

  14. I see FG, she looks petite and like she would easily be drowned in FN lines

  15. Try visualizing her with an oversized blazer (FN)... i am thinking fg too

  16. Thank you. I almost believed she’s SN or an emaciated Romantic but then you really see her when she moves. She’s neither of these she’s an FN Queen.

  17. She was so pretty in the second video. Truly charming, sweet, a little shy! She was the goat...

  18. I think she looks like a FG because in a lot of these photos she is very thin, but I think she is a SG.

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