1. Hey are you still selling these?

  2. Hello! I've been trying to revive my dying parlor palm for a while with no success. I keep it indoors, near a window but not in direct sunlight, next to a humidifier. I recently repotted to a larger pot and gave it a thorough watering, and this guy popped up a few days ago. Anyone know what this is??


  4. Hi everyone! I am wondering what might be wrong with my BoP plant. It recently sprouted a new leaf, but the leaf looked really strange while growing - it was basically folded over on and just recently straightened out. Half of the leaf is now shriveled/brown and has some strange white moldy substance on it, and also has tears. I've had this plant for about 2 months (inherited from a neighbor). It sits next to a sunny window indoors and a humidifier and gets watered every week. Any thoughts? Thanks so much!

  5. Looks like being folded over caused some rot. You could carefully trim off the bad part of the leaf and try to preserve the rest. If it doesn’t work, you’ll have to cut the leaf off above the petiole (perhaps another will grow from that petiole in the future?)

  6. Thank you!! That is super helpful :)

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