That’s dark humor y’all

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  1. this sub is just about things that are suddenly Bisexual, you don't have to be bi to be here :P

  2. but lgbtq people are the ones grooming children...? 💀

  3. You sound like you’re familiar with who’s at this is. Please reveal.

  4. Is this subreddit just a place to shame confident people?

  5. I hope a random stranger crashes your wedding, gawks at everyone like some zoo animals, makes people uncomfortable and steals food meant for your friends and family

  6. He didn't crash it, he asked to come in and they let him.

  7. he's a random stranger at a wedding that he wasn't invited to, the bride and/or groom didn't let him in, he's crashing it

  8. even if some women did sleep with 100+ people, it's none of his business 💀

  9. you don't need to be able to make music to recognise bad music

  10. yet if you say they have a small penis they call you a body shamer 💀

  11. I see my man and I understand but 330 pounds at 5’11” is dangerous territory I really hope he tries to lose it, for his health’s sake

  12. different weights are healthy for different people, you can't judge if he's healthy or not based on the smallest description

  13. This is a reference to birdbox, right? Wouldn't it be better if they used stills from the actual movie?

  14. except the money doesn't go to helping the general population and instead just straight into his bank account

  15. her parents are the type of people that shouldn't have kids

  16. I don't know who you're supposed to be but you look very slay

  17. can't stand people who call straight up racism "dark humor"

  18. tbf my mum uses stuff like this when working with special needs children because it helps them understand better so I give it a pass

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