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  1. Before the cat did you personally apologize to the partner or just apologize via a text to your dad?

  2. My fiance messaged the father initially but then he said said to FIL that we need to talk on the phone so we can talk to both his partner and clear the air. We even said it would give her an opportunity to express her feelings and any concerns to us directly.

  3. Im sorry this is happening hopefully he will see the light but don’t hold out hope.

  4. Maybe share this post with them to show that they are the ones overreacting?

  5. ...and those needles look small, like 50ml Diabetic needles. RIP the person trying to use those to shoot heroin.

  6. I agree with all other comments and maybe get him a doctor appointment as this could be a sign of an illness

  7. Am I the only one who feels disturbed when I see memes of people's babies? I'd be PISSED if my kids picture was being shared around the world for randoms to look at. I mean, the ones I've seen are mostly super adorable, but that's not just a picture, that's someone's kid.

  8. Not as much because of the high alcohol content results in less probiotic properties

  9. So the answer is it's healthy because of the probiotics, not because it's fermented. Right?

  10. Well the fermentation is the cause of it having probiotics Edit: but not everything that is fermented has a lot of probiotics based on how it’s made

  11. and the legs? dude's like a wet noodle! can't have so much ham.

  12. He got hip and butt implants surgery and recovered from it fully, and not a single other thing in the room has changed in all that time?

  13. I’m not home this week, is there a way I can watch tonight’s episode before tomorrow?

  14. Apparently there won’t be an episode tomorrow if the preview is true it said it will be next week so you have a whole week to catch up!

  15. I swear I saw on a schedule of a calendar someone posted as well as on Facebook there's two this week, and someone confirmed it's on their TV guide for tomorrow, I think the TPTB effed it up on the episode's closing remarks lol

  16. What was your thought process on cutting the tail with the blue background?

  17. Definitely. Especially the axles which are thin. I've had mine a little over a year. Did 4 runs so far and it's been OK. I definitely just want to make one now.

  18. I have been running mine nonstop since i got it in july no problems, just make sure to oil it

  19. Probably because the video is fake af. She's been standing long enough to set up her phone, frame the scene, set up props, etc before her "attack"

  20. Then you clearly don't understand the symptoms of of POTS or you'd understand the discrepancy

  21. How about you read up on cardiac alert dogs and pots it’s an easy google

  22. Gor is just a fun podcast poking fun by pretending to be sports hosts at how majority of contestants now are only on the show for followers/clout. I definitely agree with them no one joins because of love if they find it great but it’s just a bonus not the real reason they are on the show

  23. I'm convinced that no one has actually been coached and GOR just likes attention.

  24. Wasn’t the winner of big brother coached by them? She first wanted to be on bachelorette then decided to go for big brother, she admits she was coached

  25. Ok i need to know the backstory on this woman i just saw a post on there that she didn’t give her kid a drink all day??


  27. “Yesterday afternoon, two expert motor vehicle theft investigators noticed a Honda CRV SUV parked in a mall parking lot," experts my ass they can’t even find their own keys

  28. Sadly this is the last picture ever taken of him which makes it even worse his name was Istvan Reiner

  29. I avoided this one for a few hours because I thought it was literally going to be colourised pictures of piles of emaciated corpses. Glad it was survivors and I had a look now.

  30. Im sorry but at least the boy didnt make it I don’t know about the others

  31. Try this one they will be able to do what you want idk how much it will cost but definitely the best bet

  32. I would look into people doing sfx work and cosplayers they are more likely to do what you need, you also could look into someone willing to 3d print it for you a guys making a 1:1 t-rex skeleton there’s no limit

  33. I know some traditional artists that enjoy etsy as it’s less upkeep and it’s easier for new people to find your art.

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