What made you not want to have kids?

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  1. Spot on. It's not FOMO, it's actually missing out on a massive chunk of your life. You can only live in a 2 bed flat with 3 kids for so long, then something has to give.

  2. I’m confused, are you referring to people renting 2 bed flats? That indeed they should just go and buy something bigger?

  3. No. It's really my own individual circumstance. We bought a 2 bed flat as a couple which is all we could afford, then as life goes on we wanted to upsize and you can only wait so long in life.

  4. Well not sure it’s relevant if you own and upgrade and you’re buying into the same market.

  5. If you’re in the studio and two people are already trying to fix a problem never be a third helper unless they ask.

  6. I second the opinion that you should look into a trailer. It is less strain on your bike, and will accommodate your kid for longer.

  7. Yep, leaning that way. I got conflicting opinions from a few bike shops regarding the mounted seat but she will grow out of it quicker than the trailer.

  8. It’s not instant. My latest is from the 12th (8 days ago) and I’ve definitely made transactions between them and now.

  9. Genuine question: how do some people have such a big savings, properties, etc but small super? Don’t we need big income for all that which means our super will be big too?

  10. $50k pa is a piss poor wage, living by yourself outside of a city on $50k, you’ll be struggling, badly.

  11. I didn’t say it was a good wage but it’s not difficult to live off.

  12. All those shitting on Sydney. You wish you could have our glorious harbour, beaches and rain

  13. Exactly, like the price of a TV has barely moved in 20 years. $1000 back in the 1990s got you a pretty average TV. Nowadays.... still a pretty average TV. Remember a VCR being $1500? Nowadays you can get a blu-ray player for like $50-100.

  14. Saved for a house, can’t afford it. Come at me useless gadgets

  15. “No worries! Do you know when we will be getting out Christmas presents?!”

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