1. I'm a regular user of the subreddit and have tried contacting moderators regarding the sub. There were a lot of posters in the subreddit before but now it died and without explanation. I would like to moderate this in their stead since they have not given any explanation whatsoever why they randomly restricted the subreddit.

  2. Can you scroll that screen? I checked for updates when 16 came out and saw 15.7 too but there was a button at the bottom offering to upgrade to 16.

  3. An Apple Watch with Cellular might actually be a good idea so that she has a way to contact you (assuming she doesn’t have a cell phone). You can put parental controls on it to restrict games and other distracting apps until she’s out of school.

  4. I ordered one and it should be here Mon/Tue. It seems to have features that I would prefer.

  5. Please consider posting a review once you try it :)

  6. put a scrunchie or on top of the sleeve then roll the sleeve around the scrunchie to hide it. i hope that makes sense.

  7. What if she leaves her second piercings in but takes out her first ones which are unlikely to close? That technically wouldn’t be breaking the rules because it’s only one set of earrings.

  8. I think you should have her start doing her own laundry if she doesn’t already and leave a bottle of hydrogen peroxide in her bathroom so she can remove stains herself. A menstrual cup or disc might be a better option for her because they hold way more than pads, don’t smell bad, and can be worn up to 12 hours. Period Nirvana is a great resource.

  9. Absolutely respect the parents. I’m not a parent yet, but I plan on raising my future children vegan. Once they are old enough to fully understand the concept (around ages 8-12) then they can decide for themselves what they want to eat. If my parents fed my baby/toddler meat, I would feel so betrayed and they probably wouldn’t be allowed to spend time with them unsupervised anymore.

  10. Bambody is the most affordable but Victoria’s Secret PINK makes some in really cute colors and patterns

  11. Yes. You will be sent a redemption email as long as you are charged for the entire quarter. It won’t make a difference if you cancel right after paying or in September

  12. I have a blue tongue skink named Olive, a corn snake named Sunny, and a chihuahua named Bartok (Barty)

  13. I only use it if I’m putting my cup in before my period starts

  14. I think you should tell her you need to be open with her dad as your respected partner. It’s a good example of what a healthy relationship should be like, but doesn’t involve going behind her back. It also gives her the opportunity to do it herself if she prefers. Your daughter will hopefully understand that the fault lies with her therapist

  15. A healthy relationship does not involve revealing personal information about someone else without their consent (unless they’re in danger).

  16. It’s not just someone else. It’s his daughter. She’s 15. A parent’s role is to parent. That means providing love, advice, support, etc. Mom knowing but not telling dad about a decision daughter is struggling with excludes him from his role as a parent. It is hurtful. It’s also not just a relationship. It’s a marriage. Honesty is kind of crucial

  17. If OP decides to tell her husband it will severely damage her relationship with her daughter. Once trust is broken it’s incredibly hard to regain. Just because he’s her father doesn’t mean he’s entitled to know everyone about her.

  18. 5oco says:

    I know the technical meaning, it's just hard for me to grasp why it's different from bi.

  19. Bi people have a preference but pan people like all genders equally.

  20. I hated jeans as a kid too. Let her wear what she’s comfortable in.

  21. At least 700-900 per meal

  22. Have you tried giving her chew necklaces or other sensory chew toys? Search “chewelry” on Amazon, there are a ton of great options. If that doesn’t work you could try silicone basting brushes because the texture of the bristles is more similar to hair.

  23. i was thinking 300 for both the egg rolls (there’s just veggies in them) and 350 for the fried rice and broccoli but i tend to overestimate so id appreciate a second opinion

  24. I thought about getting one but I am afraid he will get his toes stuck, is this a problem or do you think from your experience its fine?

  25. You could get a cloth one instead

  26. that... that was too much if shes only 10..... im sorry it just seems too young too me im not trying too be rude

  27. I don’t think it was too much. Most kids already know about sex at that age. If parents don’t explain it they’ll learn about it from friends or porn.

  28. OP wasn’t intentionally snooping, the chat was left open and she saw her name. Most people would do the same thing in her position. She shouldn’t have told people but I understand why she did it. That’s a lot to process and her friends are the only people she could get support from.

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