1. Get your ass I’m the mother fucking house right now before I beat your ass

  2. My first BP test I got a 498, BP5 I got a 504, and my first aamc FL was a 504. So for me it was pretty representative. Other ppl say they jumped up a few points when going to aamc FLs

  3. I feel like (personally) they are pretty accurate. Some people who get into higher scores (515+) will tell you that it is deflated at those scores by a few point since the scaling might be a little off.

  4. Ok that makes me feel better, I’ve been studying a lot and went from a 495 to a 501 In three weeks

  5. Third party FLs are usually heavily deflated - AAMC is most accurate.

  6. In the doc, there is a scene where Ringo (I think) is asking for pep pills. Amphetamine pills were super common back then. It looks to me like he was about to pop a pep pill.

  7. Yes! in 2 month that is realistic (u can push 507 but u must get some help)

  8. It feels like it’s been such a long day and I haven’t had a real moment to rest and take it all in yet. It’s been bizarre constantly having people ask me how it went and just not having the proper words to communicate, because I don’t even know how it went 😵‍💫

  9. Right! Same here. I of course only remember the questions I know I got wrong :/

  10. For real, every once in a while I get flashes of all the stupid flagged questions I had 🥲 but I’m seriously trying to not even think about it for the next couple of days 😭

  11. I forced myself into bed at 9:00 pm, put my phone down and started thinking of a thing I did earlier that day and I dozed off. Was able to wake up at 6:30 without issue!

  12. Not orgo for me personally but it depends on the person/institution.

  13. Weird question but can you have the snacks and water around you while taking the test or do you have to lock it up and use the breaks to get them?

  14. A half an hour should be plenty for a six inch plus you don’t HAVE to eat the entire thing im planning on grabbing it the night before as well so I don’t have to stop in the morning morning breakfast is Starbucks and dinner on test day is alcohol

  15. Oh I thought you meant leave the testing center. But just remembered it’s prohibited. Lol you’ll definitely have time

  16. It’s a six carbon chain once reacted with the Gringard reagent. It’s not pentanone or hexanone, the carbonyl carbon is reduced to an alcohol.

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