1. Medications are vastly different from recreational drugs.

  2. Shitty stereotypes is why trans people are being fucked over. Rise above that shit.

  3. We're so far beyond that shit. A vote for leftists is a slap in the face to right-wing pieces of shit. The time for voting is behind us. It's time to wake up and quit participating in a reality show and take our fight to the fucking streets.

  4. Use those eyes on me and nothing else matters.

  5. The reason for it is that you're transgender. Their genes and the environment and stimulus they subjected you to as an infant, for whatever reason caused your brain to form and develop more closely to that of the gender with which you associate than the gender you were assigned at birth.

  6. Take WPATH SOC and flush that gatekeeping garbage down the toilet.

  7. My mind has really quieted since starting HRT. I have very vivid dreams more often, but they're never related to or about trigger issues like combat or spousal infidelity and drug use. I used to have nightly PTSD fueled nightmares, but they just don't show up anymore.

  8. Not near Seattle, but if you're willing to travel 16 hours, UCSF accepts insurance and has really good surgeons.

  9. HRT calmed TF out of my anxiety and made me more social.

  10. That was exactly how the end of my marriage began.

  11. Pure bullshit. All boys have "low testosterone" until puberty.

  12. Abbie Thorn has a lot of content about her transition. Channel name is Philosophy Tube.

  13. by describing them as cis you’re telling them that cisness isn’t the default and that scares a lot of people. it puts them on the same level as trans people (it’s not “trans woman or cis woman” in their minds, it’s “trans woman or normal/regular woman” or even “trans woman or woman”) and to a transphobe, being on the same level as a trans person is insulting.

  14. Nailed it. I can't say it any better, so I'll just second this post.

  15. First off, transsexual is largely a problematic term and one you're best off avoiding.

  16. In that time period there were women who were ethnically Albanian who became Sworn Virgins to become the patriarch of their family.

  17. When I told my ex wife that I was transitioning, she asked what my name was. I told her that it's Olivia. Her response was, "Oh, that's really pretty. I was expecting Cyn or Kiki or Cinnamon."

  18. Planned Parenthood's policy is 16 and up. No idea what Oregon's laws are about consent.

  19. First, I'm sorry for your loss. That has to be difficult.

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