1. I ask them how I can support them in other ways. Is it wearing a team shirt, buying a fundraiser candy bar, or anything. I communicate with my kids that I have things going on too. Im proud of the things they’re are accomplishing and I will celebrate with them the following day in school.

  2. How in the world did his teachers not see what was happening. 😔

  3. I’m a teacher, and I just want to say we see it. We report it. I’ve talked to CPS about 7 times this school year.. nothing has been done. I’ve cried for my students because I cannot legally take them home and keep them safe.. I can only document and report..

  4. Hi there! I’m a 2nd year teacher. You and I both know that the higher ups don’t really know what goes on in our classrooms. We are with our kids 99% of the time. Set some boundaries so you are ready to be with the kids. I did nothing school related over break and I do nothing school related over my weekends. I show up to school early on Mondays and stay a little late to do work for the next day. Honestly I just do a daily agenda slide for the next day and go from there. I’m a hot mess, but it’s what works for me. Find what works for you where you also take time for yourself! 15 years in this field.. you deserve to go in teach and leave! You have a lot of experience under your belt! I’d say maybe you’re overthinking a lot of things? Just an idea. Sorry for rambling! Again, hot mess!

  5. I can read it clearly and quickly…but I am an elementary teacher! If you can write neater I would try practicing! It’s a fun skill to practice and it gives those with bad vision a break at trying so hard!

  6. Honestly, she needs to see someone or get on antidepressants if she’s able to. I was like her, not to that extent, but I did find I was extremely irritated and short with my bf. I would then cry and apologize over and over again for my outburst. I scheduled an appt and got on Prozac 10mg and Wellbutrin 75mg twice a day. That’s what works for ME. But I haven’t had any rude outbursts toward my partner since starting 4 months ago. I genuinely felt my brain chemicals were so fudged up I was taking it out on him. Your wife needs to get some type of help, so you can also get relief. It’s not fair to you.

  7. I went through a bout of fatigue for about two or three weeks when taking 150mg. It did go away and I was feeling pretty even energy wise.

  8. I’d love to join! I’m 26, picking up where I left off in my new acnh save!

  9. Moved from a 1st floor apt to a 3rd floor! My legs are sore, but other than that I’m not feeling horrid. 👏🏻

  10. Surface Pressure from Encanto, but the No Resolve version! Love the original but a rock version is just amazing!

  11. What’s weird is my elementary (also in TX) got a donation of “teas” from a “nutrition” store. It looked like these and tasted horrible.

  12. You’re not alone. I have Lupus nephritis and Sjogrens and get a sore mouth every 6 months or before a flare. I suspect it’s from just being immunosuppressed. On top of dry mouth with the Sjogrens I also get mouth ulcers, never had them before in my life. I freaked out thinking it was herpes but a doctor told me that it can happen with lupus. I also notice if I floss my teeth too hard or aggressively my gums are sore for like 3-5 days. I had them so bad one time all I could eat or drink was protein shakes and oatmeal. Just chewing alone hurt like a mother fucker. My doc wrote me a script for Magic mouthwash it’s with lidocaine, antihistamine and a steroid so it helps numb the pain temporarily. Gargling with baking soda plus salt water rinses helped too. I’d check with your dentist tho and just make sure you don’t have any infection or dental caries. I hate the dentist but I’d say see if maybe if your oral issues resolve in about a week. Maybe your doc needs to write you a script for antibiotic and maybe a steroid usually swelling is sign of inflammation and/or infection.

  13. Thank you for your input! I’ll definitely check many things out!

  14. In the meanwhile, if you're having gum pain try swishing with warm salt water (gross I know) and then some listerine to get the gross salt water taste out.

  15. Pokémon X/Y; was always home from school sick and that game as well as animal crossing got me through tough times! It was a sweet escape from reality!

  16. I don’t take it two weeks on two weeks off like you do, but I also have really bad PMDD (in addition to persistent depression and panic disorder), so Prozac has been a godsend. I’m currently on 30mg and started a couple months ago.

  17. Thank you so much for that info! I do have a follow up appointment in a couple months and if I’m still having issues I’ll definitely talk to dr about possible starting Wellbutrin as well. I definitely don’t want to give up the Prozac because it’s been a LOOOOONNGG time since I’ve felt this great. I feel like I laugh so much more and just have a better outlook on many things so you’re definitely right, I should wait it out and see. Thank you! :)

  18. Honestly I feel the same. I actually stopped taking my HCQ when Covid first hit cause I got lazy and was stuck at home. But I felt fine without it.. I started taking it again about a month ago, and I feel like I have more pain/issues than I did without it. :(

  19. I was 11-14 when I started having issues and finally got diagnosed. I met my current bf on Tinder when I was moving for college. On our first date he came to my apartment and I showed him all my meds. I said “this is what’s wrong with me, this is what I take to maintain my health, it’s your choice to see where this goes or we can be friends.” In September will be 5 years together and he takes care of me. I was actually able to reduce my meds from 20 pills a day to only 4! I’ve been healthy for a while my lupus tests come back negative and all that jazz, but when I got my Covid shot last year I ended up in a flare and not being able to walk for a couple weeks. He supported me. I was always afraid I wouldn’t find someone who loves me like this. I’m still on the road to becoming healthier and he is just amazing to me.

  20. Hey everyone! I thought it was weird because I already have an energy company I was planning on transferring. Are apartment complexes even allowed to give my number out?

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