1. Honestly I can't see the resemblance. I've always thought Margot looks more like Grace Kelly in terms of appearance and facial features. SN could be an option though

  2. they both have that classy essence but margot's features are much bolder and more dramatic imo so it's hard for me to consider them similar, grace kelly's features are much visually lighter

  3. I was talking about general resemblance I wasn't saying Margot has that Classic essence Grace had. Margot has a rather N essence

  4. i didn't mean kibbe essence specifically that's why i said 'classy' lol but her features are very well-structured/symmetrical, she could have natural essence as well

  5. Really? Not doubting I've just always been lead to believe girls like that lean jawline no matter if its like from a tiktok pretty boy or some gigachad. Never had a gf though so I wouldn't know

  6. DEF not all girls who like that lean look. plus your jawline already looks great, you have nothing to worry about!

  7. Thanks for this bro, looks like The Ordinary is having a sale rn too which is a big W

  8. if you're able to, i'd recommend seeing a dermatologist for help with acne scarring (if needed). you might be able to get something stronger than store-bought products

  9. you look good either way, but you have beautiful soft features and i think the blunt bangs are sort of working against them! i think you'd look amazing with a more rounded or bardot bang, or even just slightly shorter

  10. this plotline made me feel so bad for spencer. like whether or not they should have pursued the relationship to begin with, things happen and they got the OK. imagine being spencer and finding out your bf has been in love with his ex of 5 years (and your best friend) the entire time smh

  11. If it's specific to your account and not public, of course it won't be in the Internet Archive or Google cache. They don't have access to your account.

  12. Yeah, I knew it wouldn't be on Internet Archive. It's specific to my account but was still public on my profile, I was more so wondering if there were alternative methods because I don't really know anything about this stuff.

  13. Can’t find any evidence other than your link but that could be her. I can look her up through talent agencies and see what commercials she has done. I knew I saw her someplace else before these commercials and I bet it was in Almost Famous.

  14. Yeah, she was also in Parks & Recreation and an assortment of other shows so it tracks with what you said.

  15. Because there are many other types that seem to much more easily integrate with society, live an easier life having a less erratic mind, are better understood and are more practical. Being on the lower end percentage wise of those who are actual infps accentuates that. It's not to say other types don't have their own flaws and struggles.

  16. yeah, everyone has problems but i think the main thing here is that romanticizing any type can be very dismissive of the problems that type may face

  17. First time I took it i really hated my introverted side and purposely chose the opposite of the introverted questions. Took a bunch of other tests since then and always infp. I like to think I’m an ambivert, but eh.

  18. out of curiosity were u fully aware when choosing opposite answers? why did you take the quiz?

  19. i found some time travelling movies but nothing that really matches exactly:

  20. Christopher Moltisanti from Sopranos??? (Michael Imperioli)

  21. Long shot, but Alfred Enoch?

  22. the dude in the picture looks just like alfie lol

  23. Kinda like that, human figures were more abstract. Fire song btw.

  24. are you able to describe what you mean by more abstract?

  25. not one main character, but could it be Bailey School Kids series?

  26. Found using a combo of and Spotify. Julian Assange Touched His Poop (Legally). Artist Robert Mueller. Shot in the dark 🤷🏻‍♀️

  27. Don’t take expired omega-3s, because the oils can become rancid. Ingesting oxidized oils is pro-inflammatory and not advised.

  28. Get in touch with the MTO, and find out your status. You can request your case be re-opened, but time is of the essence. And I wouldn’t recommend driving until you get it figured out, because driving with a suspended license is a whole nuther mess you don’t want to get into.

  29. Thank you so much! If it is re-opened would you recommend an early resolution or a trial? The cop did tell me to fight it, I just can't remember what he said after that.

  30. Oh man, I MUST defend these books and I know that they may not be your cup of tea. I also grew up reading them, so I'm SUPER biased. I think you would be surprisingly pleased if you read them with kids. I've reread most as an adult, and they're fun, quick, and well written.

  31. If I’ll be honest, I think there’s one aspect of Olaf’s character that NPH nailed - his charisma.

  32. you're right about his charisma! i think that's what made me appreciate his portrayal on the show because it is a big part of the character.

  33. im going to be controversial and say short soft dramatic. there is no minimum height for types

  34. is the character the main protagonist? also, are they the narrator or is it just a generic 3rd person

  35. for a genuine moment i thought that was just a regular picture of helena

  36. Thats a good Point, especially in countries where the average height is taller than America…

  37. i think this is a common misunderstanding of the system. it's intent is not to equally distribute the population across the types -- it's a sliding scale of yin/yang, so it's more rare for someone to be 100% of either, but everyone falls somewhere even if they don't match an ID exactly. the system, especially as he talks about it now, is purely focused on the accommodations that vertical, width and curve require.

  38. Well, I'm not sure if Kibbe still stands by what he wrote in Metamorphosis, but for SNs he explicitly says "Necklines should be loose and soft, not closed, restricted..." and he uses words like loose, flowing, soft, unconstructed, relaxed....

  39. Yeah, I definitely think Kibbe's emphasis is on looseness but can sort of translate into open necklines (although this board seems to take everything too far). Just from my own experience I've noticed that Ns do often carry things like open, squared necklines very well, far better than I could.

  40. i would say it's because they're narrow and straight through their upper bodies, small in size and have sharper bone structure. they also both have very gamine faces that just capture the entire impression

  41. i'm only taking my knowledge from the show, but as other have pointed out, charles is sensitive. i think he takes issue with the expectations of traditional masculinity, so he has always found more comfort and emotional closeness with women. these expectations (and rivalry) strained male relationships within the family, from philip's own father issues which he passed onto his sons (tension between philip and charles also arose from their rivalry for lord mountbatten as a father figure). and because charles and anne are close in age, he grew up with her influence, but also craved the bond she had with their father.

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