WIBTA if I go to my younger daughter's wedding?

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AITA for using my dead wife’s jewellery as a “bribe” to convince my daughter to come to my fiancee’s baby shower?

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  1. I knew a girl like this once. She'd wanted my boyfriend and asked him out a few hours after I broke up with him. When he said no, she carved his name into her leg with, according to her, a safety pin and a knife. Bish was insane.

  2. This is the cat girl right? The one that took it from a homeless guy? Too many professional trolls on the internet now

  3. Why did she post on Facebook… about a Reddit post?? Dumb.

  4. I don’t understand why they don’t just do separate parties if the mom is unable to coparent/ coexist . Let the mom plan and do her own thing and the father do his own. Go to the courts, if mom violates the parenting plan or proof of parental alienation. How dare she stipulate how a party is run or who can be there in a place that she doesnt even live/own.

  5. that’s why I think something is not adding up because OOP said that the mother has been doing this for years, so why didn’t OP’s boyfriend show the courts proof of parental alienation years ago? Why wait 14 years when it’s just going to get worse?

  6. the girl who made this video wrote a “romance novel”about this

  7. I am sorry, he married somebody he knew as a freaking child and whom he wanted to be his daughter's friend? Am I the only one who thought about him grooming Ash and even being in the relationship with her BACK THEN? Why would he want her to be your friend so badly previously? Naive me thought he wanted to marry her mum and she was supposed to be your sister you talked about in the post, not your freaking step-mom.

  8. Grandma and grandpa will probably stay together longer than the younger couple lol

  9. and they would still have to see each other every year which sounds like a nightmare

  10. you just call people out by the race like that?

  11. I do, but then again how else should we call them? African American? How about African Africans? African Surinam people etc etc.

  12. omg yes I’m fully black and both of my parents are very well off so I had nice things growing up and I’ve been called white wash my entire life mostly by black people

  13. what’s up with this whole “blacks” thing?


  15. OPP needs to remove his dick cuz he seems like he cant act like a man and own it

  16. Taking care of the kids he hhas? He already left a woman with 1 child and now wants to do it again, u wanna be a single mother too or why u pressed?

  17. no one’s “pressed” so calm the f**k down. if you didn’t want to answer the question then don’t respond. And he didn’t leave anyone it was a one night stand 🙄

  18. my mom never dated another woman besides my stepmom who she’s married to now (they’ve been together about 17 years or so now) & when i came out as bi…. she called me GREEDY

  19. yeah, that would be the last time I talked to her 🙄😪

  20. I guess what’s the goal of life? Is it to learn and do better once you know better? Or is it lord every bad decision anyone’s ever made over their head for the rest of their life no matter how much they’ve grown?

  21. I never said that Gary didn’t grow or Amber’s better than Gary. I clearly said that he’s a creep and I never liked him and still to this fucking day he still shows sus behavior

  22. Whoa, he should ask for full custody because the DV creep shouldn’t be anywhere near their kids!

  23. yep, and they’re both alcoholics, so she’s never going to see her kids unsupervised

  24. yeah, that’s what someone said in the comments 😂😂😂

  25. I can relate. After 22 years of marriage. 3 kids. 17m, 12f, 9f. My now ex had an affair. I was having health issues, and for a few months, I could no longer wait in him hand & foot. He met a married waitress. Long story short, I found out, took my kids for a walk, and explained to them that dad was going to move out. Not their fault. I didn't want them to think this was normal behavior in a marriage. He started trying to cause problems, and they were not used to seeing. Actually, it ended up well for us. After my kids graduated and either moved out or started college, I met the most wonderful man. My kids are so happy. They love him, and he loves them. It did take like 10 years to find him. but it has been so great for us. Hopefully, you'll work through all the pain, and your daughter will realize the sacrifices you went through. And she'll have a better understanding of you went through.

  26. I’m not saying you should blame yourself but at the end of the the day who ultimately feels like the biggest POS? Probably not the one who’s cheating bc they knew what they were getting into. And I’m this situation not the other women bc she had no idea the guy was married. So who does that leave? Who really has their heart ripped out and shit on in this situation… and can literally do nothing about it other than leave the one they once loved. It’s not that they should blame themselves it’s just they don’t know how to process their emotions so they lash out. I’m saying the best way to move on is accept that the only thing you can do moving forward is be more diligent in the partners you are choosing.

  27. I'm so confused. You just went from saying that cheated-on spouses should stop blaming everyone but themselves to saying they shouldn't blame themselves. THIS IS NOT OOP'S FAULT; it is neither her job nor her place to know that information because OOP is not a mistress. According to your previous comment, ALL MISTRESSES are innocent, and it's the other partners fault because they should have chosen a better partner even if they did not show signs of cheating? That's what I'm understanding from your comment, Am I wrong?

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