1. I was excited about these too, I got both as stocking stuffers for my fiancé!

  2. Niiiice! I guess they are hoping to snag more $$ from people buying gifts! Those holiday Deco Miami nail stickers are great, btw, but good luck getting them in time to do nail art for the holidays!

  3. Totally agree !!! Getting Ipsy for the first time in months and getting this hand cream for my mom !

  4. Feels like I’m back in the early 2000’s !!!! I love it !

  5. Are these animals having an orgy on these mugs or do I just have problems???

  6. I don’t know if you have problems, but the cups are known informally as “orgy mugs.” I remember seeing them in the 1970s or ‘80 (no doubt some really progressive household in my neighborhood had them), and I currently have dishwasher- and microwave-safe versions of the cats and rabbits.

  7. WWDD- Open up an incredible free library program for children that provides little ones free books who may not have been able to afford it💕

  8. I've been putting Sabrina The Teenage Witch on as a background show for nostalgia and recognized this painting from her room

  9. Omg I LOVE Sabrina and started rewatching it for the 10th time last night ! Also love the original charmed !!!

  10. First, thanks to all who provided their reviews on my previous post asking for advice on whether to purchase this product or not!

  11. What is the NYX called again ??? I need a new one and this review impressed me ! So I couldn’t imagine how awesome the NYX is !

  12. I bought a Bissel Spinwave 2 in 1 robotic vaccum cleaner and mop on FB marketplace for $100. It’s saved me hundreds hours of my life, cleaned my floors better than I ever could, and has helped me manage anxiety around cleaning my house.

  13. Both but I bought really cheap smart lights from five below in hopes to set the mood for my bathroom and now I can never see because it’s so dark lol

  14. I love love love it !!!! I liked the old ones too ! I saw nothing wrong with them until I saw these !

  15. A program worth your time and money would rather see your perseverance and dedication than a high GPA and nothing to back it up. The more you can talk to the directors before match, the more you make an impression. 💜 good luck !!

  16. I’ve been told it could be insulin resistance from some people but no doctors confirm this.

  17. Yes ! That can definitely influence blood sugar ! Keep records and being to a doctor

  18. It got my boyfriend into a program second round with a lower GPA. It shows dedication and hard work ethic. You got this !

  19. I ordered this couch right when I moved and was excited about the yellow color, but I agree that with the other pieces it doesn’t quite go as well as i envisioned (which is a bummer). I will look into a nice couch cover. Thank you so much for your advice!

  20. I actually think it’s lovely. Trust me I just bought a urine yellow couch last May that I had to return.

  21. I’m still largely working off my MacBook Pro. I bought it in 2015 (7 years ago) as a refurb so it wasn’t the newest model then either - (13.3 inch MacBook Pro 2.6GHz Dual core Intel i5 with Retina Display) and I saved some money there.

  22. I think I have the same one bought in 2015. I bought it new, so I had apple care for 2 years after the purchase.

  23. I love the shelf !!! I actually think it makes the set up. I’m obsessed with the chickadee and floral print to the right, I need that !

  24. I've caught myself singing! I was mindlessly singing the tik tok corn song and really going in on it in the office and my coworker laughed her ass off.

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