A glowing commendation for all to see

  1. so sorry for your loss, I hope you are able to connect with others in a way that brings you peace

  2. i know it sounds silly, but literally set a silent alarm on your phone or tape up a piece of paper on your mirror that says "I want to learn to forgive myself"

  3. oh excellent! what part of the country will you be heading too

  4. have fun! hopefully you can connect with some freedom people while you are there

  5. Bring a friend with you, and ya, explain it just like that if you want to.

  6. I think your problem is "if I saved all of it". Nobody is going to do the whole year without buying things. Give yourself a budget, like 200$/m you can spend on yourself. Otherwise you're just setting yourself up for failure imo.

  7. does anyone know what this website that hosted the article is? everyone is sharing the article asking if it is satire. Never even heard of the site before

  8. She is!!! Especially under her neck/on her brisket. You can see in

  9. Plan something special after so you have something you are looking forward to instead!

  10. IMO every creature deserves to experience the end of life at their own pace. It is a precious time to make peace and prepare for the next journey. I was in the room with my Grandmother when she passed in 2017, and her last few days were so bittersweet and full of meaning and purpose. That experience changed my perspective

  11. i think those pull in self serve car washes have vacuums

  12. this looks like one of those photos from Disneyland splash mountain

  13. It does! Front man just went over the edge, middle is at the eclipse, and back dude has all the anticipation

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