1. It sounds like that urgent care. I've gone to lost and work at one now. Our wait times can be quite high but we try to take care of everyone's needs when they are seen. The last few times I've gone I've gotten very good treatment and even referrals to a specialist.

  2. I left him alone for a couple of days while I was gone. Before I left he was moving around a lot and I think ate some food, but hes so small it hard to tell if he actually ate. Normally I find him suctioned to the tank wall or stick but today I found him on the ground. He was not suctioned to anything. Seems very far back in his shell and the shell is really translucent. He hasn't come out of his shell from picking him up and moving, which he normally does.

  3. hi!! try to run his shell under warm gentle water and see if that coaxes him out, if they get too cold they retreat into their shell! i had a scare like this when i was starting out with my snails too. does he also smell bad? dead snails have a very strong odor, hope this helps!!

  4. Thank you!! He ended up coming out of his shell a little while after putting him back in the tank and leaving him alone. I give him and his tank a good mist with dechlorinated water anytime I come home, but didnt end up running him under warm water. Is the translucent shell thing something to be concerned about? Or is that a normal part of growth? I have cuttlebone in the tank but I'm a first time snail owner and have only had him for about 3 weeks

  5. My mail man also bent mine when it said do no bend on it. It flattens after being pressed by books or something

  6. It's not cause they are in relationships. Its cause they arent a good friend

  7. All the time. I never went to college so now all my peers have real jobs and I'm trying to figure out how to get a career good enough to live the life I want

  8. Absolutely not, my biggest pet peeve is people coughing on me 😂

  9. What does being an RT have to do with being coughed on? Nurses have far more in room time with patients in comparison to RTs. I go in, do my vent check, give treatment, code or whatever and bounce.

  10. I feel like rt would spend a lot more time getting coughed on since they deal with respiratory issues and illness as their jobs while nurses deal with other illnesses as well. Obviously you dont spend all day sitting and letting the cough on you, but I personally wouldnt like my job to be only respiratory stuff

  11. I've never had this issue. I wonder if its location based at all. I have never had someone call me or waiting for me outside

  12. I'll open my patio door wide open to cool off. My studio apartment like to stay around 80 degrees inside. No, the heat is not on. It's just fucking hot in here.

  13. Pets. We always recused and thought you just picked them up and took em home, maybe pay the vet fees. Turns out people spend thousands on "perfect" dogs

  14. Snails are not particularly active animals. It's winter now and most of them are inactive during the winter.

  15. Thank you for letting me know! And I have a mesh top like for reptiles, and when I mist in the morning the soil, or at least the top layer, and stick will be bone dry. That's why I mist twice a day

  16. I don't know what you mean. Conventialy captain and then battalion commander? That is mostly to people with health problems that can't ride a shift on the truck.

  17. I mean like, doing anything to "move up" rather than stay where you are. Like an EMT going paramedic, or going to med school or nursing school, changing career fields entirely, things like that.

  18. Very confused how u dont have space dont snails require small space

  19. You would need space for 60 snails, then those 60 snails will have babies, then you need space for hundreds. If op doesnt want them, they should crush

  20. I know everyone is saying go to the dermatologist, but if it just a single mole you need removed, I would go to your primary care doctor. You will get in faster most likely

  21. While it would be great to find a career that you truly enjoy, it may be practical to find a career that you can tolerate, and pursue your passions on the side. This is especially true if you consider yourself a creative person.

  22. I love doing healthcare, I just dont have any desire to move up and say be a nurse or PA or doctor or anything. There is nothing else that really interests me tbh, I enjoy my job but I know I will need more money, and there is nothing else I can see myself doing

  23. Agree with the both side of nostril thing. Or just a hoop, maybe double hoop on one side, left side would look cute:)

  24. I guess it depends on where you are located, where I am places will say "heat included" but you actually have an electric heater and you pay the electric bill. If it is a gas heater and heat is included, you likely will not pay the gas bill.

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