1. It's not and it only was during 2020 because of the pandemic.

  2. neolibs: “our ideas are popular, we have a natural electoral advantage because of that!”

  3. My favorite Nate Take is that it's bad that most experts are liberal progressives and that trend is because of liberal groupthink rather than conservative anti-intellectualism.

  4. There are some actual conservative points that are reasonably evidence based and defensible with research. The problem is that most self identified Conservative intellectuals tend at the moment to be reasonably grifty

  5. Good faith question: Why is the US’s NBER researching/writing on the effects of Sweeden’s lottery rather than the US’s?

  6. They are using registry data for the matching which don't really exist in the US, so it's less about the lottery but more about tracking the counterfactuals

  7. Really out here with the editorialised titles aren't we fashsexmod?

  8. Sorry when was it claimed it was race or age or immigration status?

  9. I really want to get in on this cottage industry of investigating and concluding things that everyone knows.

  10. It seems a good wheeze right? You turn up to like a meeting once a week for three months (if that), write a report which is mostly preamble with like four paragraphs of actual content, get it buried by the government and get a knighthood.

  11. Who would you rate as being closest to Thatcher in US politics? Only Hillary Clinton comes to mind.

  12. Trump when he wins a third election but didn't serve three full terms

  13. Is there any good reason why tax systems are bracketed rather than using a continuous function?

  14. Please use race in medical research instead of assuming every patient is gonna be just like a white dude forever

  15. I don't remember the statistic exactly but I think it was like 40% of men have had sexual and/or romantic experiences with other men. And it was much higher for women.

  16. That doesn't necessarily mean they are bisexual

  17. This is dumb. There are probably like 8,000 trans people in America. Maybe 10,000 people do drag. Probably like 50 of them are pedophiles. There are 60,000 pastors, so ~3,000 of them will be pedophiles.


  19. So, the fact that they are OK with money being issued means they are OK with money?

  20. It’s pretty well known that products from socialist countries were all around very crappy quality compared to products from capitalist ones. Especially with capital and labor intensive goods like cars or computers.

  21. Did you see my facebook post last night?

  22. It means to ingratiate yourself with someone

  23. If, only the US could be as Conservative as other countries in the World

  24. It's 9% of income over a certain threshold, not 9% of total income

  25. If Milton Friedman was alive today, do you think he’d have a podcast and youtube channel?

  26. He sounds exactly like Will from The Inbetweeners.

  27. The Right Honourable Leader of the Opposition may call for more public transport spending but that only shows him to be a bus wanker

  28. The entire country's going to stay at home and smoke weed all day?

  29. I'm full of criticism for Britain on many counts, and I hold a UK passport.

  30. Possibly a stupid question but how exactly does distance affect the effectiveness of a country's involvement in a free trade agreement?

  31. Child benefit is not means tested. I don’t know where you got that from.

  32. It's withdrawn via taper where there is a higher rate tax payer in the household.

  33. It’s not withdrawn but rather you either you or your partner pays a charge if you earn over £50k (if you both earn over £50k only the one with higher income pays). You still receive child benefits. Over a certain amount the charge will effectively cancel out the benefit.

  34. The Harry and Meghan thing in particular

  35. Singapore is the richest, so they have to be up there.

  36. TFW you have to leave slack and go to the dt to get away from hornyposting

  37. I asked a simple question, it's not my fault that someone 😏 took it the wrong way

  38. Have they? I don't think immigration has been an important political issue in the last 15 years

  39. It got mentioned once or twice during Brexit campaigns

  40. You would expect lower immigration as a result of more friction and barriers to entry. My guess is that if we were still in the EU immigration would just be even higher.

  41. Is there more friction in general? For EU migrants, sure. For non-EU migrants the visa sponsorship rigmarole remains the same more or less but with a removed cap. At worst that is surely just the same but you won't run into a quota

  42. What’s with the UK and the death penalty? It’s such a weird anomaly

  43. Honestly I have no idea. It had majority support until a few years ago.

  44. The thing is, at least in America a trans person can move to a major city in a safe blue state, and there they can have access to healthcare via informed consent, be fairly sure that the state or local government isn't going to take away their rights, and be around tolerant people. The only risk is that the GOP wins federally, and even then it would realistically have to be a trifecta for lasting damage to be done.

  45. There are extremely trans friendly and welcoming cities in the UK, London, Bristol and Brighton being the obvious candidates. There is regional and geographic variation everywhere the US isn't unique in this.

  46. This will be tricky for the current government, a good half of their press releases hang on abusing the human rights of asylum seekers

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