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  1. All tumblr has to do is allow nsfw content again and they become the strongest social media site

  2. Yeah it worked out great, I have a gf now and I'm enjoying with her.

  3. I’m seething and malding rn but I’m happy for you

  4. Neil Cicierega: The Shadow Lord of the early internet.

  5. Somecallmejohnny has been the Sonic-affiliated content creator for a long time, and has been moderately successful, but was never recognized by Sega in the same way that the Game Grumps were (which is an interesting decision given Arin's pathological disdain for the series and Sega's insistence on drawing attention to this).

  6. They're robots with big-ass stompy boots.

  7. I truly hope you succeed! Cause if you fail we’re sending Unroolie after you.

  8. Turns out the flash’s logo was missing a second Lightning bolt this whole time

  9. Yo the movie was in development for the better part of 10 years. Odyssey came out 5 years ago. Im pretty sure they had the idea of reintroducing Pauline because of the movie

  10. I still don't understand (my fault because I haven't looked it up) what this was. An OVA promoting a game?

  11. Let’s just say I wasn’t expecting z***hilia and and a questionably young-looking heroine in the first 7 minutes.

  12. Sorry but as someone who is into "water sports" this turn me on badly!

  13. lol, I was really curious what the context was so I searched Reddit for "cougars are fucking amazing." It was the first hit.

  14. My ways are unknowable and my intentions unquestionable. Except if you are a cougar.

  15. I’ve never forced myself to watch the whole thing, but holy mother of fuck that was worth it, good god man what was he thinking

  16. He’s a misunderstood genius of the internet age 😞 . Like Dril if twitter didn’t exist.

  17. It's rare but possible, I'm pretty sure. They'd be mixed, so not 100% black if that's what you mean.

  18. Nah, we exist and can be 100% from a black father and mother, which is my case; hence my disliking of that stupid dyslexia “joke”.

  19. I wasn't even trying to make it as a joke. I actually misinterpreted it as you being that guy and was saying coy like "Oh so this is what you mean right?" so sorry bout that lol

  20. It’s ok, it’s no biggie, I just hate it more and more because I see it every time I bring up this subject/my status

  21. Oh sorry, English isn’t my first language, the punchline is

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