What was normal in the 1990s but rare or non existent now?

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  1. Was planning to try the same photo! You got it just right I think, well done :) Especially when you don’t use airbrush!

  2. OMG thank you! I can't tell you how much I wanted an airbrush for this. I'm happy with it as long as I don't see the photo and painting side-by-side 😅

  3. I thought it was a photo until I read the title. It’s absolutely amazing !!

  4. Popcorn. It always smells so good that it's irresistible but when I eat it and I'm always a little disappointed.

  5. I think my dad in SC needs this for his coop. In case anyone is interested

  6. Im curious too. My only guess is Aussie x Cavalier and.... Ill keep my thoughts on that to myself

  7. Do you mind if i ask why you went with this particular mix? I recently stumbled across it on facebook and it struck me as odd since if people wanted a smaller, less energy intense Australian Shepherd then Miniature American Shepherds can fit that bill well and theyre easier to find an ethical breeder for and would be prone to fewer health issues.

  8. Compromise. My husband wanted an Aussie. I'm not a fan of the Aussies I've met (all psycho ankle-biters). Really I was wary of all working breeds because we live in an apartment with a decent backyard... For an apartment. I have wanted a cav forever. Husband thought cavs were too low energy and too prissy-looking. He found a puppy for sale in his hometown that has a population of like 100 that was the perfect compromise. I might have still said "no" if he had a tri-merle coat or looked too much like an aussie, but instead he had the same black and tan markings as my first dog and it pulled my heartstrings. I'm delighted with the result. He's got more energy than a cav, but he's turned out to be very sweet, easily trained, cuddly and well-behaved. Plus, he has the silkiest fluffiest fur.

  9. You could definitely go with another layer of darker values and shadow detailing

  10. Hey there, lots of comments about other considerations but not a ton of comments about breeds. A breed isn't everything but it does matter. There are exceptions to every breed, but there are some generalizations that might be helpful in guiding your decisions. Be aware that Purebreds can be great but can have a greater risk of medical issues and generally be costly up front and potentially in the long term. There are a lot of websites that have data about breed vulnerabilities.

  11. We have a very vocal dog who was a demand barker and gets over-excited. Exercise before training can't be recommended enough. I worked with a great trainer who really just mastered stoicism and calm. She used a very soft voice so our boy really had to listen closely. She only engaged when the dog when he was calm and turned away a bit when he whined and barked or tried to jump up on her. She incorporated patience training like bringing a treat overhead and slowly lowering a treat to the dog's mouth, pulling back a bit if they try to jump or grab for it and keep going so long as they wait. He learned more in 10 minutes with her than weeks of training with us. Our dog was still excited but tended to match her energy by simply becoming alert. We also downgraded to using his regular old kibble because he really just loves training and would rather play a game than eat out of his bowl.

  12. Physicist here - the title of this submission is misleading as nothing has actually been created. The paper authors have made a prediction that a tiny structure can exploit the Casimir effect to locally change the speed of light which they further predict can be measured in a lab set up by setting up a large number of these tiny structures in a line so that the propagation change becomes large enough to be measured. So math model of hypothetical nano-structure predicts something the authors interpret as a warp bubble and further it might be possible to test this. The challenge with using the Casimir effect to get negative energy densities is that it only occurs at extremely small separations - separations small enough that other factors become very important. I haven't looked at the math predicting the bubble here - just the gross organization of the paper. As a general guide, a prediction testable with a reasonable setup is a good thing. The next step here would be for the authors to better define the test and secure funding if it is practical.

  13. THANK YOU! Here's a link to an article that provides a wonderful explanation and expands on your point for those of us with smoother brains.

  14. Totally off-topic, but I was reminded of the time I went to viking restaurants in Japan when I was middle school aged.

  15. Looks beautiful, thanks for sharing!

  16. Very cool. How do you get such a smooth gradient transition on the flat colors? Is there a trick to it, or is that just the magic of spray paint?

  17. I could stare at this all day. I love the use of texture and light. I especially like how you layered some details under the black in the buildings. I bet this picture looks even better when you can get different details depending on how the light hits it. Great work!

  18. It's 18" by 24". I found an old photo my sister shared on FB after Grandpa passed and printed it out to use as reference. I blew it up to a 2×2 poster size; 4 pages of letter paper. I used carbon paper to trace the big stuff on the canvas and taped the print out on the wall next to my easel. The canvas was still slightly bigger than the picture, so I just guessed to fill out the edges.

  19. Try to make a new world record for most hugs at the same time?

  20. Throughout our childhood, my siblings and I were led to believe that grocery store/retail/restaurant employees were like the police of the building and they had the power to take us away indefinitely and punish us however they liked if we made them mad while in their domain.

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