1. Christianity was the religion of the poor oppressed underclass in the Roman empire but they're now living like hedonistic Babylonians instead. So he's extra triggered guilty and sensitive about it. LOL

  2. mfw when my family is christian but part of the lower income group feelsbadman.

  3. I like how his Illumi plush has a smile.

  4. Nobunaga looks almost the same. Shalnark reminds me a bit of Kurapika. Love this!

  5. What are you talking about Christian teenagers aren't progressive at all.

  6. Tbf some progressive Christian and Muslim teenagers do exist and in general, this group is still more tolerant and less imposing than their boomer counterparts. Not all, of course, but I have hope that this will increase in future.

  7. This is very true. They are also not gonna give a shit about what this subreddit thinks haha.

  8. Well-deserved. It's honestly good to hear opinions and alternative viewpoints from moderate / neutral parties. Before reading your post, I wasn't aware of the history and background of the band. Like many others, I thought that it was some regular metal band and a ban was unwarranted. My views have changed quite a lot, and I thank you for shedding some insights.

  9. yea i guess the whole narrative will be different if they encourage burning mosque, killing buddhist monks, slaughtering cows on shivas temple etc

  10. Exactly. I'm starting to feel that a lot of folks support Watain mostly because they don't like Christians, but I'm pretty sure if the band had lyrics that denigrate other religions like Islam, Buddhism etc, people would think twice about it.

  11. I don't actually recall this being posted on Reddit before. This definitely could have been shared here a week earlier, but I guess it's still good to share it even now since there are folks here who don't browse Twitter that often. I'm one of those people who use Twitter less frequently than Reddit.

  12. My friend and I were actually pleased and honored to receive the ban.

  13. I'm definitely excited for the next hero, but I hope it won't turn out to be another overpowered hero with annoying CCs.

  14. Opened the thread expecting a lot ppl to misread XQQ as XQC. Wasn't disappointed. XD

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