1. Well, I wouldn’t believe the stated hight of the celebs that we find on the internet. ESPECIALLY if they are no longer (and haven’t been for a while) alive and with us to measure them. Someone might have posted this info online as a joke and here we are - believing it for decades since there are no other sources to compare

  2. A D to heaven and back, my tall queen

  3. You don’t need “SC fashion inspo”. You can dress in whatever style you like, just using SC principles like gentle waist accentuation, symmetry, light to moderate fabrics and so on

  4. Soft naturals in my country (Poland) are considered the prettiest girls. They are the popular girls. They are literally all that.

  5. I am a huge supporter of owning your natural features but it seems like your hair is very curly. You just don’t style it correctly… but I could never recommend no one to spend all these hours on styling their hair to wear then curly, but the way they are on the first picture it looks very beachy/brushed by the wind and it’s not what Kibbe recommends. I must admit you look better on the second picture but you should always do what’s most convenient and what makes you happiest

  6. I dont think so. You definitely lack the essence and therefore the typical look. I don’t really see a vertical as a dominant characteristic either. Truly see nothing of a dramatic, but it might be just because of the natural distortion that photos create

  7. Thank you. Yes, I can see what you mean. Never really considered myself being some kind of dramatic. At first I thought SN but then people told me I look balanced, like a classic.

  8. Oh you’re definitely not a natural! Or at least I would be shocked if you were. I see a gamine or maybe a classic.

  9. It depends on the silhouette, but i tend towards 3/4. Does it look like a flipped V? could be difficult for a dc to pull off, and the longer they are, the wider they get, the less balanced the overall look is, because the skirt will create its own silhouette.

  10. Thank you for the amazing advice 💖💖💖

  11. Soft natural if I’ve ever seen one

  12. Not enough info either way. Not sure which is actually more in this world.

  13. I’m just speaking from personal experience, but it could be just an byproduct of my culture or bias

  14. Yes, but I fail (as a social researcher) to recognise this as a well conducted study. It would never be accepted by any university. Nowhere.

  15. FNs are so so so attractive and beautiful and majestic and breathtaking like why would you not want to be one? YOU ARE LITERALLY THE SUPERMODEL TYPE 😍😍

  16. Here here! 👏🏼✨👏🏼✨👏🏼✨👏🏼✨👏🏼

  17. Thank you, bestie 🔥❤️🔥❤️

  18. as a 9w1 i can't imagine why someone would ever want to be a 1 lmaooooo it's miserable

  19. Sounds more novel than being success obsessed attention seeker who lives for the applause and self proclaimed uniqueness

  20. So now everyone in this community is going to own this dress and it’s mod is going to be no exception

  21. vwyz says:

    Interesting. I’ve always thought that the recommended shoes for dramatics were more narrow, with square or pointed toes. I mean, I’ll still wear my combat boots, but they aren’t the most flattering on me.

  22. You’re right, but the life would be boring if we were so strict. A romantic would be compromised with combat boots. But us? It’s FIIINEEE

  23. You can basically work any boots of this kind you want. Dramatics have the frame to pull them off

  24. That is hilarious. I've asked so many people and they were like don't have double curve. So maybe I do? Okay...I gotta reevaluate everything now.

  25. There are a lot of people here who have no idea what they’re talking about 🤷🏻‍♀️

  26. Yeah? I feel like I don't have double curve so I was always scared to type myself as either.

  27. Oh you definitely do! You even have the stereotypical tiny waist with bigger hips. It’s okey for these types to be pear shaped

  28. Weeelll it one of the rules I don’t think a dramatic should brake. Maybe create the colour contrast with accessories? Blue dress + yellow shoes etc

  29. Really great advice here and probably the only things that you can do to promote sleep naturally. I might add magnesium at night too.

  30. Well, I do take medication. A lot of it, actually, but it doesn’t always work. Sometimes when I’m in my highs I can’t sleep at all for multiple days at once. When I lay down and try to force myself to relax I get hot and extremely restless, to the point when I struggle to breathe and lay down.

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