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  1. Mi Fitness is now called Zepp Life!!!!!! Which is what I am using, read my damn post again.

  2. What is your end-goalin training BJJ?

  3. I train in Taekwondo (ITF Style) so just wanted to add in some ground defence. Striking is my main passion.

  4. Unless it uses your phone to track it perhaps?

  5. Do you expect it to at the price point of the watch lol?

  6. Jokes on you if you joined a WT school and thought it would teach you self-defence.

  7. I got mine today after owning a 5 so we shall see. All I know is tracking on the mii 6 may as well not be there, I had 3 of them after I kept finding tracking was way off and kept getting a replacement from Amazon until I realised its a design flaw.

  8. Same on my 7, takes me awhile to even register the format in my brain.

  9. If somebody tried to inch toward me with their leg up in the air like that I would sweep them on their ass

  10. Thats one move out of many… its a move specific to point fighting. I’ve seen it adapted to Muay Thai by Colbey Northcutt (Raymond Daniels wife and point karate fighter) where she just stood on the spot with her leg chambered high, her opponent couldn’t even get close as her leg mobility was so on point she may as well have had a baseball bat in her hand.

  11. leaving your foot out in the air like that would not work in other settings. I am partially afraid that would become a bad habit when it comes to self defense. But I respect it as a point fighting move.

  12. Well obviously you would adapt the moves you choose depending on the “settings”.

  13. Actually an interesting question that got me thinking.. when I trialed BJJ and had to spar, I was in no way nervous as the chances of getting knocked out are next to none. However when I train in kickboxing I am somewhat nervous even though its not new to me.

  14. Why the red guy look like he has knowledge about boxing, but refuses to punch at all?

  15. Thats what I was thinking, he slipped most of the “punches” I feel like he could have won this.

  16. 90% of the cardio kickboxers here don’t know a damn thing about MA tbh, thats why they all share the same generic opinions and include “Muay Thai” and “BJJ” in every sentence they speak.

  17. If you want to save your online rep I suggest deleting this post. Its clear that you are the only one here that's clueless.

  18. “Online rep” lmao its reddit get a grip snowflake.

  19. What is dirty boxing? Boxing whilst covered in mud?

  20. Heaven forbid someone has a different opinion.

  21. Lad you haven't a fucking breeze what you're talking about it's an absolute embarrassment. Everyone is entitled to informed opinion, and I welcome different opinions. No one is entitled to ignorance.

  22. Yes saying MT is not the best striking art is ignorant?

  23. Don’t set me up for a joke OP, please just don’t.

  24. Your flexibility is on Mars RIP to the guys you face.

  25. The questions being asked on here get more retarded by the day

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