1. I have 4 of 5 double grape pop soaked in water for about 36 hours then jiffy mix

  2. The Ruth em and good green is best around these days and culta flower only flower that’s not dusty or brownish and weird like sunmed

  3. Outdoor done right can be better with better effects then indoor

  4. Outdoor done right can be better with better effects if done right

  5. Looks like light or heat to me I had similar happen def not pro though

  6. Your you man ! All we can be !!awesome stuff man I love me some banjo I love folk punk and punk music but also love me some bluegrass and of course some bmfs

  7. I love that. Love what you love. That's the biggest fuck you to the establishment, and if that's not punk, I don't know what is.

  8. So true man ! Nothing like the feeling music u love gives u

  9. I got to we’re the deals are best usually culta or releaf I know alot of people don’t like there politics but to me kinda feel like there all that way just the way system is set up

  10. They have this at releaf 15 every day not bad!! I like evermore for some reason I feel like they don’t put as much bs into plants as a lot of these company do there bud seem to be cleaner to me I could be wrong just what I’ve though

  11. Well damn sent it homie that takes some big ones hard not to wobble that fast

  12. Try high hemp wraps like in between blunts and papers but to me beat papers are raw blacks or vibe blacks

  13. I’ve always wanted to try thi and never have thank you might just go grab some

  14. Repeat for rosin on by two get one free days 6 gs of rosin for 160

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