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  1. Vertical recording of a horizontal screen makes me sad

  2. Well, the pyramids only survived because they're basically mountains of rock, built relatively far from civilisation and in a dry environment (water is corrosive, so dry environments preserve structures better). People did actually try to destroy the pyramids, and did succeed at some of them, but the Pyramids of Giza are so tough that the vandals gave up after destroying only a few blocks. The vast majority of other ancient monuments were destroyed a long time ago.

  3. THANK YOU! Fascinating to read and gave me nuggets to look into. May I ask where your knowledge comes from?

  4. OP explicitly states that Chichen Itza is in South America which is incorrect.

  5. I absolutely misspoke and feel very dumb! Curious about places more northern.


  7. Ha, thanks! I don't think they showed that on Canadian airing.

  8. FN for sure! width and vertical are your most dominant traits, I see blunt and large bone structure similar to other Kibbe verified FNs.

  9. Not going to lie, blunt and wide definitely are not traits that I am excited to hear I classify as 😂 but I think looking at other FNs look like I for sure see it.

  10. This is a common FN complaint (I'm an FN too). Blunt in kibbe means rounded corners, sharp for angularity, and curve for very rounded/circular features.

  11. I see you have posted for image ID help!! Make sure you have carefully reviewed the typing guidelines

  12. I consider it a personal attack when people call it expresso. It HURTS.

  13. I’ll go first - mine is when people reply to a question with “sure.” For example: “would you like xyz?” “Sure”

  14. I’ve been thinking this for such a long time. I swear every girl on Clayton’s season has a near identical match to someone from prior seasons, lol.

  15. Hahaha!!!! Glad I’m not alone. These first few comments on my post have me feeling crazy. 😂😂😂

  16. Mmm I don't really see it. I think their noses are just too different 🤔

  17. I honestly wouldn't have even wanted a replacement the crust looked so unappetizing lol. just thought it was funny their extreme reaction

  18. Depends on area; and the current state and architeure of the house.

  19. Portland, OR. 1500 sq foot house. Very long shaped if that matters.

  20. I’m no expert but I’d guess around 9000

  21. Two levels. We’re getting another quote. The other one made us nervous.

  22. 🎶I would say the next line if it was good 🎶 my friends

  23. Hahah!!! Glad to see a fellow friend of culture. RHNY fans represent.

  24. The cheek bones and dimples FOR SURE. Not to mention the hair. So beautiful!

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