1. Let's just maybe not use the poison dart frogs in the picture though

  2. Yes, it would lead to different behavior. Hence the asking of a "yes or no" question.

  3. Not sure where the attitude is coming from, friend. Just looking for some clarification. Hope you're good

  4. Trying to climb those dunes is exhausting. Simply walking on the sand there is difficult.

  5. Was there this summer. I'm in my mid-thirties and in good shape. Totally thought I was going to have a heart attack climbing those dunes haha

  6. I don't know why 500 times is a brag. Talk to any couple that's been married 5+ years...

  7. I understand why everybody hates on it since it can be an incredibly boring drive, but there are some interesting things to see along the route if you have time to stop off. I spent a few days visiting small towns off I70 and 50 through Kansas just out of curiosity a couple years back.

  8. I had such a different experience with people there on my cross country drive. Taking my car with NY plates, I had great friendly chats with folks at gas stations asking about my journey. Also, I was driving through western Kansas on US 83 when my car broke down around 3pm Friday of Memorial Day weekend. The tow truck driver and mechanic were so incredibly nice and helpful and went above and beyond to get my car running so I wouldn't have been stranded over the holiday weekend.

  9. Peak time for Joshua Tree, CA. If you've never done desert, it's phenomenal. Have to plant your water refills ahead though.

  10. Can someone explain just how you plant water refills ahead of time? I've seen other people say to do this/read websites saying the same. I've just never understood how you could go plant water drops on the trail before actually doing the trail

  11. Every parade. Never worth it.

  12. The small drawstring is impossible to peel between finger and thumb pads. The only way to get leverage is to wrap it around your finger which then cuts into the skin

  13. Maybe people just need to vent with others who understand what it's like? Just a crazy thought

  14. God there really are some next level jerks in NY ~ the place I work at in the city is full of these types and we aren’t allowed to tell them no outright because it’s “fancy” ~ so even if a whole group only spends 400 or less they might sit for an hour after we do last call and they even keep begging like this as well.

  15. So you have a bad interaction with one group of people and your response is fuck the rich? That's hilarious. I don't think them having money had anything to do with it, they are just a group of assholes

  16. How many working class people do you know going around shouting how they should get what they want cause they can pay for it?

  17. One of my go to's uses grenadine, lemon juice, simple syrup, apple cider vinegar, and egg white. It's pretty sweet but the flavor and texture make it a really fun one

  18. I can see this having value on something like the piano where the fingerings are different for each scale, but for guitars where everything is symmetrical I don't see the point. What instrument do you play? Also if you were to take this approach, circle of fifths is better IMO.

  19. Guitar is my main focus, instrument I want to improve on the most. I do have a keyboard I play sometimes, but it's more of a tool for helping me figure out concepts

  20. Yeah no, this method is useless for guitar IMO, since we approach scales differently due to the nature of the instrument. The moment you learn C major scale on one position, you know all scales in that position just by shifting your hand to match the respective tonic.

  21. After years of just strumming open chords I've tried to get more serious about playing. Well maybe not "serious" but deliberate. So the past few months I've been familiarizing myself with CAGED, learning pantatonic/minor/major scales, and studying basic music theory. As someone who unfortunately doesn't have time or money (hopefully at the moment) I'm trying my best to teach myself with online resources.

  22. To be fair, everyone complaining about shorty/low tips saying how am I suppose to live should just get a better job that isn’t relying on other peoples generosity. For all the crappy tip/tippers there are ones who make up for it.

  23. Oh, get a job? Just get a job? Why don't I strap on my job helmet and squeeze down into a job cannon and fire off into job land, where jobs grow on jobbies?!

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