1. 90% isopropyl rubbing alcohol dissolves them start spraying plus it's cheaper than an exterminator

  2. All rockwood pieces are stamped on the bottom with the Roman numerals the piece was made sometimes they are signed on the bottom also

  3. The perhaps I’m wrong. Sure looks like Rookwood but I’m no expert.

  4. I'm not an expert at all but I work at a local antique mall and roseville and rookwood pottery comes through our doors a lot. And rookwood always has a maker mark of Roman numerals so you know what year the piece was made and roseville typically says roseville on the bottom of it. This piece was more than likely thrown at a local studio in some sort of pottery class.

  5. The Grand antique mall in Reading the owner Courtney can rewire almost anything I've ever given him. Lamp. Victrola. You name it he's fixed it for me.. oil lamp burners. Door knobs for old houses. It's my own little slice of heaven

  6. 411hours I've 100% completed everything ran through as female and male Evior

  7. Fair point. Ended up needing cops coming out for the third time and 3 angles on video to get the local pos to finally get written a ticket for it.

  8. Holy cow dude that's excessive why isn't our leash law easily enforceable? And when I saw our leash law I mean Ohio's.. The recent uptick in random wayward dogs is also on the rise in my part of town also.

  9. Hay idk where you are but find the closest MEGA church. Its sunday they always have free food and coffee and they'll be more than willing to help ya find some help

  10. Hows it smoke? Hows your throat feel? Is it a coughy bud...

  11. It isn't coughy at all. Very smooth smoke. They just left a bit of sugar leaves, but they're easy to take off before smoking.

  12. Sweet good to know thanks for the review I appreciate it

  13. Which dispensary did you get this at is my question bro. Fire lands has been having some serious mold issues in this forum as of late and so has Klutch. Did you get ahold of anyone and get a refund?

  14. I mean I'll read it on Libby. I also heard he's doing the audio book also. I get the title since William was the Heir and he was the Spare. I hope he spills the tea

  15. Based on comments, sounds like you have a serial sadist(s) that changes areas to avoid detection?

  16. My brother and I both got shot by those in OTR walking to Rosedale. Scared the shit out of us, turned and saw a group of kids probably 14 years old running away.

  17. If they want to travel into Reading, Benson’s Tavern and Redwines are good!

  18. I second redwines Seth and Lindsey have these bomb ass brussel sprouts SOOO GOOD

  19. Yes!! We usually do burgers with the Brussel sprouts and the fried Mac and cheese. I grew up with Seth and the rest of the kids. They’re such a nice family!

  20. He was my landlord for years before he bought the bar oh mannnnn I forgot all about the fried mac n cheese. Know what I'm having for dinner now 🤣

  21. Weird. Reading sent out a notice on Facebook of a weird odor yesterday that the EPA was looking into. It only called out two streets though and I haven’t noticed any smell myself, so probably unrelated but a weird coincidence nonetheless.

  22. I live in Reading and between that tar place and jim beam factory it ALWAYS SMELLS like antifreeze 🤣🤷‍♀️

  23. I grew up in Reading in the 70s. Those two smells are still infinitely better than the rendering plant that used to be down on the Mill Creek.

  24. The port authority is still cleaning up that site 🤣🤷‍♀️

  25. Wyoming is amazing I live in the little town next to it called Reading, which is just as amazing but when it comes to schools and the local area you truly can't beat Wyoming and your close to like 3 different Hamilton county parks with bike trails and hiking and kayaks and all kinds of stuff. I grew up in Colerain and moved here 25 years ago and regret nothing!

  26. Um this is my back yard!!! Could you kindly remove this photo 🤣🤷‍♀️ jk jk or am I bwhaha

  27. Definitely came here to say CAM in evendale so happy to see so many people know about this amazing market the staff is also very helpful and knowledgeable and so friendly

  28. I loved Wrath of the Druids DLC more than Siege of Paris but as far as gameplay there seems to be more with siege of paris you can level up your little faction there and run lil side missions and earn some pretty neat stuff

  29. How in gods name are you running at that level and fighting hel

  30. And if ya find a chest you cant get to or open that's more than likely attached to a quest... drove myself mad looking for a key once and couldn't get it until I progressed the story line shady father at the abbey had it 🤣🤷‍♀️

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