1. just bought some of this myself during the early bird special, it’s great!! honestly wouldn’t mind paying the full $110 for it. really quality flower

  2. Same honestly! I've loved every harvest strain so far! Nice huge buds too. I was so stoked when I learned they had half's. 😁

  3. Lisa frank makes rolling trays now? Glad to see we’re on the same timeline

  4. Hahaha I wish! But this is a makeup palette 😂

  5. I use a planet of the vapes ONE. It's really nice for the lower price! And you can get attachments for water pipes and bubblers. Very portable too. This is for flower.

  6. Super sticky on both and both are super relaxing! Very happy with these items! Blueberry Cookies smells just like a blueberry candy. 🥰

  7. This just happened to me too. I purchased it last week and just opened it and it was a full bag of the same. Hopefully they do something about it. ☹️

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