Pence refusing to get in Secret Service car on Jan. 6 "chilling": Raskin

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  1. check out layer22 on instagram they’re doing some really cool stuff

  2. The AG is building cases against some of the wealthiest and most powerful people in the world. These aren’t hillbillies in MAGA hats with bargain bin lawyers and public defenders. Every single case has to be solidly substantiated and beyond reproach. It’s taken this long to convict nobodies. Imagine what it takes to convict “someone that matters“.

  3. nobody that matters will ever be convicted

  4. Need to know because I missed out on LA tickets ;__;

  5. your set position is extremely low especially in the first couple of clips, better players will bang shots in the top of the net all day long. your distribution is really good

  6. why did he get banned his posts were so good

  7. the bo davis video makes me simultaneously hot and cold on sark. clearly he’s being hung out to dry by players not giving a shit for whatever reason, and his coaching staff is fighting for their lives, so maybe after he gets his recruits and cleans house this offseason it’ll get better. but at the same time, how is it possible to have players quitting on you in real time? is it not partially his responsibility to motivate the players? goes without saying that we shouldn’t need to motivate texas longhorn football players to avoid getting humiliated by kansas at home. but the way things have collapsed within a season has to be at least partially on sark.

  8. Seconding Balcony, the greenhouse is so sick. Try the Brad Pitt!

  9. looks so cute, thanks! is it usually hard to find seats?

  10. Sells are meant to be a wet weather only glove arent they?

  11. not necessarily, you can play in the dry, just keep the palms wet and they're good to go. I get a lot more value out of their gloves than nike or adidas

  12. MENSA move starting the drive with another draw up the middle

  13. this is truly one of the lamest things i've ever seen, i actually feel bad for you

  14. fish narc and slug christ lookin like english professors at a small liberal arts college

  15. Yes, I know it's a copy pasta variant. but your genius and effort is underappreciated.

  16. What cart is that? I've been looking for one like this

  17. I think you could adapt the NFL 3-cone drill. Instead of turning and running for the L-shape part you can do a shuffle with a single cross-step at the beginning, and instead of turning completely around for the initial part you can run forward and backward

  18. got my D license a few years ago, this is pretty much exactly what they go over. play practice play is great for kids this age

  19. highlights include recruiters being happy with no campus visits so kids don’t see “our terrible facilities” or “our shitty gameday environment”, “Kirby Smart will know your neighbor’s dog’s birthday”, and that recruiters never ever cheat, they promise

  20. What are the benefits of not adding the jump?

  21. every professional goalkeeper does the hop, you’re fine. i do think you’re doing it a little too early. notice how sometimes you’re starting your movements from really deep in your legs. if you want to move more explosively you need to time the hop a little later so you push off hard with one leg. if you hop early it can make you a little flat-footed

  22. Video is dark, but it likes you tried to scoop it instead of just catching it regular with the w or triangle technique. If you sill want to scoop it make sure you get your body behind the ball, so if it bounces off you it hits your chest

  23. he was in the right position to catch it on the initial trajectory but the player in front got a little flick. if you have a player that close you gotta get to the ball first

  24. I heard this the other day streaming WTMD in Maryland using Tune In on Alexa. Great station that plays a lot of new indie and some local artists. It’s public radio, no commercials. Little plug for my favorite station.

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